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Hasbro Game Night - Any Nights of the Year

Are you looking what to do with your friends?image

Tired of watching a movie?

Stuck inside because it’s raining? 

Don’t feel like going shopping with your girlfriends?

Not a problem.  Hasbro Canada has a solution for you.   They have plenty of games to choose from.  Here’s a few that might grab your interest…


In this quick-draw classic, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches-- so it's the perfect way to break the ice and get the party started. Try a fast and funny sketch-- make your team guess "birthday cake" in less than a minute! Roll the challenge die for extra-silly scenarios-- can you sketch with your eyes closed, or with your other hand? Invite PICTIONARY to your party!

Includes gameboard, one-minute timer, 4 pencil pawns, 4 pencils, 4 pads of paper, card box, card deck, standard die, challenge die and rules.   For 3 or more players.  Ages 12 and up.

My thoughts

I reviewed this particular game not too long ago back in February.  Pictionary is definitively a fun game to take out when you have a bunch of friends coming over.  Everyone will be stretched in their drawing skills… unless you are like my friend James who is talented in this area.   Seriously though, you can even play this with your kids if they are over 12 years old.   This particular edition has new challenges for everyone like using a different hand, closing your eyes, without allowing the pencil to leave the paper or more.    Be prepare to laugh out loud while playing Pictionary!


The game of unspeakable fun-don't say the TABOO words! Features more than 1,000 words to guess.

4 or More Players.  2 "AA" batteries required (not included).  Ages: Adult

Contents: 504 TABOO Cards, Card Holder, Buzzer, Timer, Scorepad.

My Thoughts

Taboo is another well known game.   However, it has been revamped to had more fun to it.   The game changer die will give you five exciting ways to play and the deck of cards features more the 1,000 updated words to guess.   How to play is quite easy.  You pick a card and you have a main word that your team or people around have to guess.  However, be careful there is a series of words that you are not allowed to say.  For example, let’s say you have the words Brain Freeze that people have to guess.   You are not allowed to say the following words:  Ice Cream, Headache, Eating, Cold or Fast.    Using your creativity you have to give clues so that the words are guessed rapidly before the buzzer indicates that the time is out.   The buzzer also received a new design and new sounds.   This game will bring some fun challenges in your get-together with friends.     Taboo has always lift my level of stress for me when we played it in the past.  But it is quite fun and fabulous!

3A25B60C19B9F3691075635D7720E1B3The Game of Things

You won't believe the hilarious, creative, outrageous and unforgettable THINGS your friends will say during this provocative party game! Draw a topic card and read it out loud. "THINGS a chimp thinks about when he sees you at the zoo." Then the other players write down their own responses: "You think I'm weird looking?" "What are you looking at?" or perhaps "Are you my mommy?" Then try to figure out who said what! Remember, you can write anything that comes to mind... so be as fun as you want!

It's humor in a box! This outrageous party game includes 300 hilarious topic cards that provoke even more hilarious responses! Includes 300 topic cards, 1 response pad, 1 score pad, 10 pencils and instructions. For 4 or more players.

My Thoughts

I was quite curious about this game.  I’ve seen it at the store and thought it was very different than the other games I have played in the past.    Well the first thing I acknowledge was the packaging.  I love the packaging of the game which is totally original if you ask me. The game is packaged in a wooden box.  The game is bilingual with directives given in both official languages.   Apparently the true object of the game is laughter but the game is simple to play.   During each round, everyone will write an answer on a specific topic.   For example, the card says “Things you shouldn’t do in a hospital.”  You have to answer this and then someone read all the answers and you have to guess who wrote it.   Expect the unexpected…  For the card that said “Things you shouldn’t do in a hospital” I would have written “Do not crack jokes to someone who just had surgery.”   I think my husband would have guess that one because almost 10 years ago, he was cracking jokes to me the day after the c-section of our first born.   I could have killed the guy.  Even the nurse told him to stop…  *grin*  Seriously though I love his sense of humor and enjoy his jokes even though it hurt when I laughed.  Another card says “Things you would like to do with chocolate.”  Here’s my answer; Chocolate covered bacon…  Sounds yummy don’t you think?

Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know itA9024B0019B9F36910E689491C9865D0

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Bet You Know It edition is the most inclusive and exciting version of TRIVIAL PURSUIT yet, where players don't have to know all the answers to win - but they do need to know their friends! TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Bet You Know It edition introduces high stakes betting to trivia, where players bet on whether or not their opponents know the answer. Guess correctly and players will earn chips that can be used to buy wedges -- or they can earn wedges by answering questions correctly on their turn.

My Thoughts

Who haven’t played Trivial Pursuit?  Trivial Pursuit is a game for genius according to my husband.  I like it because it will stretch your thinking cells and you can learn at the same time.  This game also got revamped with a new twist.   On each turn you’ll bet on whether your opponent knows the answer or not.   I have mixed feelings about the betting part but the game has chips that will allow you to bet on each others.   You can also use the chips to buy some wedges if you want.   The same categories are available and your will have more than 1,780 questions.   The game is geared for 16 years old and up.   I find it introduce gambling at an early age.   As I said I have mixed feelings about the chips.   I know some people would love it but we are not a family who entertain ourselves by going to the Casinos.   

A7E9525219B9F369105204290824BB87Cranium 2.0

For the first time since the game was introduced in 1998, CRANIUM is being refreshed with an innovative folding game board that can collapse or expand depending on the group's interest in a 30-minute, 1-hour, or an all night game. In CRANIUM 2.0, 600 question cards have been added, giving players new stars to mimic, updated words to spell backwards and even more interesting facts to uncover. With a game board that allows you to decide how long you want to play, and categories and questions that cater to any player's strength, CRANIUM 2.0 brings friends and family together for a full night of fun.

So what are you waiting for?   Invite your friends, get some fun and crazy games, pack on food and drinks, be prepare to have a good laugh and discover a side you didn’t know from each other…

Laughter guaranteed.

My Thoughts

Cranium is a fabulous game that will help you to go outside of your comfort zone in different categories whether it is playing with words, being creative, perform something or use your grey cells to solve a problem.    The game have been popular for many years now but this version is quite different.  How’s so?  Well believe it or not, you now have a 3-in-1 fold-out game board.   The quick game will permit you to have fun for 30 minutes, the mid-size game will challenge your for a period of one hour and finally the classic game will provide laughter and fun for a whole evening.    Three different ways to play a game that is beloved by many families in North America.    Also included in the box is the famous Cranium Clay with which you can sculpt some of the answers.    I love the fact that the game has now three different ways to play it.   So much flexible when you know that your friends have a tight schedule – especially the ones who have kids like us.    Knowing you can play a fun game and still be at home for bedtime is a marvelous advantage.  

As you can see, Hasbro Canada has a variety of games for every taste and every ages.    If it has been a while since you got-together with friends, why not planning a Game Night with them and grab one or two new games at the store.   Plan popcorn, snacks and drinks and have fun together.  Facebook is great but in the long run getting together in reality with friends to play cool games is better.   You won’t regret it!


All these products are available at your favourite toy store.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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