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No-Work Spanish Books on CD

imageNo-Work Spanish

About the product

No-Work Spanish is a brand-new concept. The story is read with each sentence said first in English, then in Spanish. You will find your mind connects the English and Spanish, just like you can pause a favorite song and sing the next line, without thinking about it and certainly without making any effort to memorize the words in the song. After a chapter has been read in English and Spanish, it is repeated in Spanish, to reinforce the Spanish version in the listener’s mind.

No-Work Spanish stories are available on CD’s or as audio downloads. They vary in length from 50 minutes to about an hour and 45 minutes. Each story has a different reader, so you will become familiar with variations in pronunciation.

Our Thoughts

I was quite curious about this product when I first heard about it.    Spanish is a language that my oldest son is studying on and off when he has time.  I know that being exposed to it would probably help learning the language so when I had the opportunity to review the No-Work Spanish I jumped on it.

The concept behind this product is interesting and innovative.   Not only you go through the story in English but you get an instantaneous translation for each sentences in a chapter.    And as a wrap-up of the chapter, you get to listen one more time the story in the Spanish language.  

yakcoverFor the purpose of this review, I have received the first two No-Work Spanish stories: Yaks March on Washington and Poster Girl.  Yaks March on Washington is a true story about the experiences of an Idaho rancher who travels across the country with his trusty dog, and six yaks in tow.postercover    Poster Girl consists a two-CD story about trying to outdo a goody two-shoes student and problems that happen when you start your school project the night before it is due.  Since I received the CDs a few days before the review was due, I concentrated on only on of the stories.   The kids listened to the Poster Girl story.      

Each chapter starts with an introduction of new words you will hear while listening to it in both languages.   Then the chapter is read one sentence at a time in both English and then Spanish.   At the end of the chapter, you  have a revision in the Spanish language.    I think it is an innovative way to get immersed in a new language.  The first “reading” you get both languages and can slowly learn the Spanish version while the second “reading” is purely in the new language you are learning and you can easily recall the story as it goes through.   I like the fact that both readers are taking their time to pronounce and speak clearly as the story goes on.    I think it was very sensitive to the listeners.

If you are interested in Spanish and have a basis of the language, these stories can help you to be more in tune with the language and develop your listening skills.    Through them you will also learn intonations, pronunciations and new vocabulary as well. I think it is a great homeschool products as well.    And if you feel like it, you can listen to them while travelling.   

Try it now!   The first three chapters of one of their books is available for you.   Simply go to and follow the instructions.

If you prefer having the text to follow the story while listening, you can download them on the website.

No-Work Spanish can be bought directly from the website  for the price of 14.95$ for the CD version or 8.99$ for the MP3 version.

Disclaimer: This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by:  No-Work Spanish.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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