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CGCConsidering God’s Creation
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As my last review for the TOS Homeschool Crew (yes I have arrived to the end of my adventure…).  Oh!  Where is that box of kleenex when you need it… Sniff… sniff…

And as my last product to review in an homeschool environment, I have receive Considering God’s Creation.   I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect.   I knew that other crew members were hyper excited (to say the least…) about it.

When I received the product, I immediately decided to check it out.   At first, I was disappointed to have received only one student textbook but after looking into it, I quickly discovered that I was allowed to make photocopies of the student pages for each kids in my family.    I love reproducible products.   It makes it easier for a family of four kids…

Considering God’s Creation is a in-depth study of natural science from a biblical perspective.   This curriculum is adaptable for Grades 2-7.  Two of my kids participated to the product testing and enjoyed the lessons with me; Alexandre who is completing grade 4 and Dominic who is finishing grade 1.  I also have received the teacher’s manual and the CD that will accompany the lessons.

Throughout the book, your kids will learn more about creation, the universe, the solar system, the stars, the Earth, light, atmosphere, rocks and minerals, weather, clouds, sound, wind, plants, insects, spiders, fish, reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, the animal anatomy and physiology, the food chain, the animal reproduction, the animal instincts, vision and brains as well as everything relation to the human body – reproduction, cell, skeletal system, digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, integumentary system, endocrine system and muscular system.   With over 272 pages, your children will have a beautiful book at the end to show off. 

To be honest, I find that each lesson is quite descriptive and easy to follow.  As a teacher, you won’t have to worry about missing something because everything is laid out for you.   Each lesson start with a preparation section which indicates what will be needed for the lessons. Then the vocabulary section introduces new words and their definition to the students. The text contains an introduction, activity, a song/poem (sometimes), work to be done in the notebook, Bible readings, a review section which will allow the students to answer some questions as well as a digging deeper. The digging deeper section is more than likely there for older student. Bu the time a lesson arrives to the review section, I know that my younger son was getting fidgety and his attention span was reduce. But for my oldest, I used some of the activities included in the digging deeper section.   In all there are 36 six lessons in this curriculum.

I have included some samples of the work of my two kids below so you can visualize some of the lessons included in this book.

Dominic, age 7 (left side)  and Alexandre, age 9 (right side)

Illustration of the days of creation

5-23-2011 11;51;13 AM5-23-2011 11;54;55 AM

Experimenting how chance can affect creation… and illustration the creation days.

5-23-2011 11;53;04 AM5-23-2011 11;57;31 AM

Thinking about where we are compare to the Universe. Dominic wanted to personalize it with Canadian information in it so I change the information a bit for him…

5-23-2011 11;54;07 AM5-23-2011 11;58;32 AM

As you can see there is a lot of hands-on activities while going through the lessons.   Every time I tell the boys that we will be doing a lesson from Considering God’s Creation they react positively to it.   They are excited to discover more about our Creator through this curriculum.    Not only do they learn via the activities included but also while I read the scriptures linked to the lesson with them.  

Alexandre’s thoughts – grade 4

I like it because it’s fun, cool and has verses from the Bible.   And we learn about things that we didn’t know.

Dominic’s thoughts – grade 1

I like it because I get to color the pages.    I love drawing and these lessons allow me to do this at the same time.

I am also very excited about going through this curriculum with them.   I find the section that is harder to grab their attention longer is the Bible Reading.  But you can have the kids participate by asking them to read some of the readings.  That way they also practice their reading while doing the lessons… 

I find this curriculum to be an absolute must for every Christian homeschoolers.   I highly recommend it for everyone wanting to study God’s creation and linking it to biblical content.   I think you will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with it.   I know I am quite pleased.

The price is quite reasonable for the curriculum.  You will get the student workbook, the teacher’s guide and the CD for 29.95$ US.   Additional workbooks are available if you don’t feel like making photocopies for the price of 13.95$ each.    However, like I mentioned earlier the workbook is reproducible for children of a same family.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Eagle’s Wings for sending me to above mentioned products for review purpose through the TOS Homeschool Crew. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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