Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three years of adventure and discovery

My adventure with the TOS Homeschool Crew is officially completed.

It has been a marvelous journey but my attention is called somewhere else.   I will continue to review books/products on this site and will pursue my certificate in Social Media as well.   Homeschooling is a priority in our family and already I look forward for next year where I will have a preschooler, a grade one, a grade 2 and a grade 5.    I intend to plan a schedule that will be adequate for us over the summer.

I have also marked in BOLD BLUE the products that I particularly loved and consider like gems for homeschoolers.

2008-20109 Crew Year
The Schoolhouse Planner
Homeschool Library Builder
MediaAngels – The Missing Link: Found book
Let’s Make a Webpage ebook
Rhyme to Read
Little Man in the Map
Spears Art Studio Grades K-8
Trigger Memory Systems – Times Tales and Clean N’ Flip
Salem Ridge Press
Math Mammoth
Peterson Handwriting
Crayola Art Studio
All About Homophones
Heads Up
WriteShop Story Builders
One Year Adventure Novel
Rocket Phonics
Bible Story Songs
Math Tutor DVD
Cadron Creek – Further Up and Further In (Narnia)
One 2 Believe – Noah’s Ark
Homeschooling ABCs – Knowledge Quest
WriteShop Primary
Tapestry of Grace
Homeschool in the Woods – New Testament Lapbook
Memoria Press – Prima Latina and Latina Christiana I

2009-2010 Crew Year (jumped on board in March 2010)
Homeschool in the Woods – Olde World Style Maps (World and US)
Math Galaxy
All About Reading – What Am I?
Travels of Wiglinton and Wenks
Terrestria Chronicles - Books 6 & 7
Time4Learning – PreK program
TV Teacher – Alphabet Beats lower case letters
Lesson Planet
Ideal Curriculum
Cerebellum Corporation

2010-2011 Crew Year
TOS Planner
Talking Fingers – Read, Write & Type!
Soli Deo Gloria – Young Hearts Longing for God (Psalms)
Collectorz Book Collector
Wits & Wagers Family
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids
Ten Marks
City Creek Press – Times Alive!
Curiosity Files – The Blue-Footed Booby
Kid Scoop
Zeezok Publishing Z-guide to the movies
Science Weekly
Yesterday’s Classics
Monki See Vol One DVD and book
Go Trybe K-5
Talking Finger - Wordy Qwerty
Eagle Wings Considering God’s Creation

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