Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yesterday, Today, and Forever

yesterday-today-foreverYesterday, Today, and Forever
Written by Maria von Trapp
Published at New Leaf Press

About the book

A warm and intimate look into the spiritual life of Maria von Trapp's famous Sound of Music family. In this best-selling work, Maria takes you beyond the thrilling story of her family's desperate and determined flight from Austria to her new life in America, as well as providing:

• A personal and profound insight into this extraordinary woman and her life
• An inspiring look at the constancy of the Savior in our lives
• A wealth of insight and faith from years spent in study, devotion, and worship

Maria von Trapp shares how she and her husband told their children about the life of Jesus and how His story entered into their lives and imaginations. Be enriched and inspired as you enjoy this beloved classic.

My Thoughts

I have always loved the movie “Sound of Music” which gives a glimpse of the life of the von Trapp during the 2nd World War.  When I was younger I must have watched this movie about 50 times and I still enjoy it to this day.    This year I have watched it with my kids for the first time.    However, as I grew older I knew there was more to it.   I knew they have came to the U.S. and somewhere their descendants were managing a resort.    But that’s all I knew.   When I had the opportunity to read a book written by Maria von Trapp, I jumped on it.   

I am enjoying reading the thoughts of Maria von Trapp and her family on spiritual theme.    Through my readings I have come to discover a different view of the scriptures and discovered a family openly talking about their faith. 

I am using this book as a devotional in a way.   Each chapter get me to think about my faith and how to apply it in my life, with my family and out in the world.   Scriptures support the text throughout the book.   It is a delight to read something where the author’s faith can be felt throughout the chapters.    While reading, you can see and feel the research done while reading the chapters of the book.    Maria von Trapp is decorticating the events in the Bible so that her family (and us in the process) will understand their faith better.

What a great way to explain history with a biblical context!   I am seriously thinking of introducing this book as part of our curriculum when the kids are older.    It would be a wonderful read during the high school years and a great way to discuss about faith together.

For the first time also I have a visual of how the family looked like.    I had never seen a picture of the real Maria and the rest of the family.  This book also contains old pictures of the family.    She is a wonderful story teller and this book is a great reminder of Christ presence in our life on a daily basis. 

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to discover the faith of a great family and see how you can deepen you own faith through it.

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