Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go Trybe


Are you ready for some exercises?    Willing to spend about 20 minutes to pump up and get in shape with the help of enthusiastic trainers?

If so come and join us at GoTrybe… you will be amazed by this online service for your homeschool kids. GoTrybeGroups

For the purpose of this review, I was given access to the ZooDoos which is geared fro kids from Kindergarten to grade Five.   There are also two other options with Trybe180 for grades 6 to 8 as well as nextrybe for grades 9 to 12.

But what is GoTrybe?   In simple terms it is an online fitness and nutrition community that would delivers daily fitness, nutrition, wellness, and motivation content to your children.


On of the first things you will have to do after you register for GoTrybe will be to create you avatar.   An avatar is a character that you can design to represent you.   Having four kids in the family, they all wanted to have their own avatar.   I think it would be fantastic to have a family avatar and design a group of avatars together to represent us.   At first we were switching from one to the other but at one point I got tired of doing this… and we selected an avatar for mom instead.   You can change the skin color, hair style, hair color, facial features, clothing, accessories and more.   Eventually, you can add upgrades and options like special shoes, pets, and outrageous hairstyle for examples.

Once you have selected and dressed your avatar, you can choose your daily workout.  The first item you will select will be the warm up.   Then the cardio section will contain three selections.   At the end you will have to ass a strength and a flexibility elements.  The total of time spend for the level we were at was about 22 minutes or so depending of our selections.    For each categories (warm up, cardio, strength and flexibility), you have numerous choices of videos to choose and mix together.   In the end, you can have a variety of training session for your kids.

I was very curious about this service and to be honest with you I am quite impressed with it.   I only wish that we have more space in our living room…  The kids are always enthusiast to do exercises with GoTrybe.    When I tell them we will do it today, they ran upstairs to change in workout clothes – even my three years old follow the lead of her older brothers…   Below are some pictures I took of the kids doing some sessions on GoTrybe.   As you can see the first set of pictures show the two sofas in the living room.   The space is manageable but a bit tight for four kids.


One day, one of the sofas had to get repaired… (long story but I will tell you that it was covered by the warranty!) Our space dramatically changed for the GoTrybe session as you can see.   The kids had much fun to exercise and to have fun at the same time.   I find that my two oldest kids were more dedicated in following the instructions than my two youngest but all of them enjoyed GoTrybe.



After you complete your fitness workouts, answer the daily nutrition, wellness and motivational questions correctly, you are awarded points.   The points are used to rank users on the site and can be spent on clothing, accessories, or customization of you avatar.

My kids enjoyed discovering Zoodoos from GoTrybe and have a blast every time I put it on.  Here’s some comments that my oldest have written about it.

I think that it is fun and a great way to move your body.  We (my siblings and I) really like that we can buy things with points.   My little sister who is 3 wants to make sure that we get some earrings and necklaces.   She also insist on the color PINK!

Now that I have picked your curiosity for this online fitness and nutrition community, you must be wondering how much does it cost right?   Well, first of all you can try it for free by using the GETFIT promotional code.    This will gives you access to GoTrybe for one day.    Personally I would prefer to try it out for a longer period than that like a week or even a month.   But it will give you an idea on how GoTrybe works.    Once you decide to register, the one year membership is 19.95$ (apparently regularly it is 39.95$).  

In a nutshell, the service is innovative and will make the kids get up and move.    The leaders on the video provides interesting information about nutrition as well.    The price is reasonable for the one year membership.    I would tend to consider it at 19.95$.  However, if it would go back to the regular price, I would not consider purchasing this service as I think it is too expensive.     As homeschoolers, we have to consider where the money goes in our yearly budget.    I would even suggest that GoTrybe consider putting a homeschool price as well as the possibility to put a group of avatars available for homeschoolers.   It would make it more fun to dress up avatars for all my kids I think.  

Disclaimer: Thanks to GoTrybe for sending me to above mentioned products for review purpose through the TOS Homeschool Crew. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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