Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Map Trek Volume 1 Ancient World


Created by ihomeeducator and Knowledge Quest.

If you are an homeschooler, you probably know the quality products that Knowledge Quest have to offer you or someone has told you about them.   If you are an homeschooler and have an iPod/iPhone/iPad, you probably have heard of iHomeEducator and their fabulous apps for math, grammar and spelling.    Well, bring these two together and be ready to have a wonderful app to guide your through the Ancient times which mixes geography and history together.

The text included in this app is based on a popular homeschool product sold at Knowledge Quest –Map Trek: Ancient World.  The app brings the book to life and will permit you and your kids to navigate through time from the tip of your fingers.    You will get colorful maps that will illustrate and give your information about the area you would be interested in.    Simply click on one of the era listed on the main timeline to open it up.


Within seconds you will have a map coming up and you can easily open up the information by selecting a pin.   In the image below, you get an idea of the Barbarian Invasions in 500-800 AD.  If you select the little flag at the HUNS you will be able to read more information about them and their well-known leader Attila the Hun. 


Being an app that highlights geography and historical events, you will have information on major cities, sea, events and more that happened during the ancient times.

I had discovered an issue while exploring the app though.   When checking out the map of Abraham’s Journey, I looked into Gomorrah and the text said Read about the current archaeological evidence on the next map.  However, there wasn’t any link for me to click to open the next map.  If I go back to the main menu and select the next map which is The Promised Land, I do not get the information I was looking for.   But this is only a small issue in this app.   In a whole, I think this app if simply fabulous and is worth considering when you study the ancient times.   You will get plenty of information on the following subjects:

* World Map (landforms)
* Descendants of Noah
* Mesopotamia
* Sumerians
* Called Out from Ur
* Abraham's Journey
* Ancient Africa
* Old Kingdom of Egypt
* Ancient Egypt
* The Exodus
* Early Greece
* The Promised Land
* 12 Tribes of Israel
* The Assyrian Empire
* Israel's Golden Age
* Phoenicia's Trading Empire
* Solomon's Kingdom
* Israel's Divided Kingdom
* Ancient India
* Ancient China
* The Founding of Rome
* Babylonian Empire
* The Persian Empire
* Greco-Persian Wars
* Golden Age of Greece
* Ancient Europe
* Alexander the Great
* The Punic Wars
* Palestine during the time of Christ
* The Early Church
* The Roman Empire
* The Roman Empire Divided
* Barbarian Invasions

I highly recommend this app for all my homeschool friends who are looking for something that will bring history and geography to life through interaction.   Map trek Volume 1 Ancient World is definitively an app to own for your homeschool!

Map Trek Volume 1 Ancient World is available at iTunes for the price of 9.99$.   This being the first app in a 4-part series keep an eye open for Medieval, New World and Modern in the months to come…

Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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