Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Since January I am back in the studying mode…

We have discovered that a College in my are is offering a Social Media Certificate which has five courses in it.

I already done the Introduction to Social Media course.   It was fun as I learned more about the world of Social Media.   Yes I know I have been part of this world for a few years now but somehow I managed to discover more about it during this course.

Last Friday the new session started.   I originally thought of taking only one course which is titled Developing a Social Media Strategy.   But after looking at the workload and talking with my husband, we agreed I should take another course.   So now I am also taking Monitoring and Measurement.  

Call me crazy if you want.

Yes I have four kids and I am homeschooling.  Yes I do reviews on my other blog – Canadianladybug Reviews!.   And yes…. camping season is opening this week-end.  Summer is coming faster that we think and I will have to read and prepare assignments. 

But I see numerous advantages for taking these courses.  

1) A better understanding of the social media world

2) Being a professional IT person and owning a business, we will apply this there too.

3) Finding ways to publicize LobsterNetwork.

4) Work opportunities in the future (we never know).

I think this is just for a period of time.  When I am done with these two courses, there will be only two more to do before completing the certificate.

So until August this year, I have two courses to tackle and have fun at the same time with my family.


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