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As you might know, the movie THOR is out in theaters…

Did you know that there are two Thor out there?

In the Comic realm, Thor is well-known as the God of Thunder which the movie is based on.   In the Stargate series, he is an alien more specifically an Asgard. 

Now that I have presented you the two Thor that I know…  Let me present you a new toy line that Hasbro Canada has released recently based on the movie Thor.

7723919A5056900B10CEFD440C5FE21DThor Action Figure

The mighty Thor has protected the divine realm of Asgard since the beginning of time. With his powerful hammer in hand, and his fellow warriors by his side, he is an invincible barrier between the city and its enemies.

Even the very toughest opponents are no match for you and your Thor figure! When villains rear their ugly heads, engage them in hand-to-hand combat with your heroic fighter. His mighty muscles are only a hint of his massive strength. With that kind of power, you’re sure to win this fight!

817088795056900B1018024397F48718Thor Helmet

Make super hero action “come alive” with this awesome Armor of Asgard Thor Helmet. When villains rear their ugly heads and you’ve got to save the day, put on your helmet to feel just like your favorite hero! With its details that make the action as realistic as can be, you can wear this mask as long as you want to — or until the villains are defeated!

816CAE155056900B10460B32A87886FDThor Sword and Shield

Make super hero action “come alive” with this awesome Armor of Asgard Thor Sword and Shield. When villains rear their ugly heads and you’ve got to save the day, wield your weapon just like your favorite hero would! With its details that make the action as realistic as can be, you’ll be ready to carry this sword and shield with you on every adventure — or until the villains are defeated!   This item will bring the fantasy of the movie to life.

816D81095056900B10A7EFF6A3BCA675Thor Lighting Hammer

There are many legendary weapons carried by the warriors of Asgard, but the most powerful is Mjolnir, the mighty weapon wielded by Thor. With his hammer in hand, Thor uses the power of rain, wind and lightning to battle his enemies. Now, you can imagine yourself as a warrior worthy enough to hold this awesome weapon and control the fury of the storms!

Make super hero action “come alive” with this awesome electronic Thor Lightning Hammer. Call on the power of the universe and press the button to make flashing lights appear and thunder sounds rumble. Your enemies will be quaking with fear, but you’ve still got one secret surprise — your weapon launches a missile! Wield your Lightning Hammer until every evil opponent is defeated!

Hammer features a launching missile! Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.

Our Thoughts

We are comic collectors.  We have many boxes of comics in our basement.  I can honestly say that at this moment I have read more of them than my husband himself…  However, now our oldest is very interested in reading some of them now.  

Our love for comics has not stopped there…  The boys have worn Superheroes costumes (Hulk, Spider-man, Superman) at Halloween.  Our daughter was Super girl last Halloween.  We have PJs, shirts, t-shirts and even a jacquet with superheroes characters on it.   Needless to say, when the opportunity of reviewing the new Thor toys my husband and I were excited.   Thor is an interesting character and his hammer is fantastic.

IMG_7062Well the toys are fabulous to say the least.   The action figure will provide fun time for one of the boys.  But we immediately thought of Jérémy, who is five, for the helmet, sword and shield and lighting hammer.    This will be a perfect costume for this year’s Halloween.   The hammer itself is very interesting, you could simulate the control of the lighting and storms and impress the other hobgoblins on Halloween night with the lightshow it will produce.    It is just too cool!    Both my husband and I were impressed with this particular toy.   The helmet, sword and shield and the lightning hammer is geared for kids ages 5 and up.

My husband was joking that we would need to dye Jérémy’s hair blond for him to personalized Thor on Halloween night.  *grin*  We won`t be so drastic, I promise.   I love my brown eyes and hair boy!

Knowing Jérémy – he will be delighted to have a new costume this year and explore the world of Thor with his hammer.  Jérémy is the little boy who observe a lot on Halloween night.  He loves to see the other costumes.    I just have the feeling that he will attract some comments this year – especially with the lighting hammer. 

Now if only we could find time and babysitters for us to go see Thor in theater…


All these products are available at your favourite toy store.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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