Monday, April 9, 2007

A trip to the French bookstore

I just realized while typing my last entry that I never shared what happened on my trip to the French bookstore.   I had an appointment with a lady there to go through the different things I could use to teach french to my son.   Well I got there last Tuesday on time to discover that she couldn't make it and someone else helped me instead. 

I must admit that I was quite impressed with what they had and to know that I could go anytime to get something if needed...  Lots and lots of books and educational materials.  WoW!   Anyhow, I got an idea of the prices but I must admit that it is not the same as English curriculums...

Later that week, while Alexandre was at school, we drove to the Costco on the Quebec side to see if there would be anything we could get.  We found some french books for teaching Dominic and others ones to read (Atlas, sciences, history, and our wolrd).   We got those and some groceries.

The homeschool conference in our city is approaching fast.   Two more weeks and it will be there.   I can't wait to go!!!   We had originally set our timeline of decision for the conference but with what we discovered in the last few weeks with school, we are more and more inclined to try homeschooling in the Fall.

What happened?   Well for one thing it's the lots of television (movies) that they are watching.  I lost count since the last two months...   Some things not so bad but others questionnable.   And the same movie twice within three weeks because a kid in the class missed it the first time...  The teacher gave him the choice to watch it and he said yes.  Give me a break here!   Also, the fact that there is little or no supervision during recess when the weather is bad outside and the kids stay inside.   Only two teachers are going from one classroom to another...   What if something would happen???   Why not putting a 6th grader there to look after the little ones (let me remind you my son is in Senior Kindergarden and that he is 5 years old).   Another thing that I've discovered is that dictation is done at school but the teachers are not correcting the mispelled words since it is not part of the curriculum in Ontario.   I don't understand this... Really stop sayiing our kids can't write properly and show them the errors they made...   My neighbor has to show her daughter the errors she made during dictation...  Can you believe it?  

These three things that I learned or discovered lately, make me want more and more to try homeschooling.  Am I scared?  Totally at times.  I wonder how I will be able to do it and if Alexandre will learn anything.   Do I think it is worth it?  TOTALLY.   POSITIVELY.   I see many kids in my church who are homeschool and I think I should go for it.   I read a lot about homeschooling and I know it won't be easy the first year.   I sure hope that it will go nicely and that I will be proud of his progress.


  1. I have every confidence in you that you will make a wonderful homeschooling mom! Alexandre (and the others) will learn more at home with you than they would learn in a classroom at a school setting. You'll have lots of support here in blogland!


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  2. What is up with the school not correcting the children's spelling? I have a friend here with a dd in Gr 3 and the teacher has actually told the mom that she is not supposed to help her dd with spelling on homework EVEN WHEN the girl asks! It's crazy. If nothing else, I think I can teach my kids to spell. LOL

    Blessings, I enjoy reading your thoughts as you prepare to homeschool your precious children!