Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Parenting Matters Conference

I'm so excited about this conference.   We learned it is sold out in our city!   Well this morning on the christian radio (CHRI (there was a contest to win tickets to the conference and a book from Dr. Kimmel Raising Kids for True Greatness).   And Brock said "Let's take the 9th caller..."  And I am in the car thinking... (the phone number already punched on the cell phone) "Ah great!  I never get the line when it is the 9th caller thing..." and suddenly Brock says "Well let's make it the first caller and the person must tell us what great parenting advice they ever got!"  Right away I punch the talk button on my cell...   And it RINGS!!!   Brock answers at the other line - I WON!   I even went on-the-air this morning...  
Funny thing is we already have tickets for the conference.   But I knew it was sold out...  So I called my sister-in-law and asked her if they are going.  She tells me no because it is sold-out and they were not fast enough to go.   So I asked her, "would you like to go?" and she said sure but how would I find some tickets...  That's when I tell her I just won the ones on CHRI.   She can't believe it.  She is totally happy about it.    So I am giving her the tickets and they will find a babysitter for my nephew.  
I am happy to be able to bless them with this...   I know they will like it.   I am currently reading the book Grace-Based Parenting and I enjoy so much.   Can't wait to read the one I won this morning.
As for the contest this morning, my husband was also trying to win the tickets... believe it or not.  But since he didn't get the line, he closed the radio in his car and MISSED my 5 minutes talking with Brock.
Oh!  In case you are wondering, the parental advice someone gave me is that every kid is different and that we need to modify our parenting style from one kid to another.  And believe me my three kids are different all right... but I love them no matter what!
To learn more about the conference go toParenting Matters.

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