Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Field Trip to the Museum of Science and Technology

Today there is a field trip for Alexandre's level (Senior Kindergarden).   So I was planning to go with my three year old, Dominic, and accompanied the class.   As a good mother, I wrote a note to the teacher and she wrote me back saying that I could come but not Dominic as I will have to help to keep track of the kids.   I'm a bit frustrated but I understand as well.   So last minute, we had to figure out babysitting - meaning my mother-in-law - and Rob will go pick them up at lunch time to bring them back for nap afterwards.   OUF!

I will prepare my lunch as soon as the bus pass and grab a few things for the other twos.   They will spend the morning with their cousin Sam so this is good.

Got to go.   Will tell you more later.

PS Another PD day is coming up so I should plan to go somewhere with the kids....   Either the museum of Agriculture or the museum of Aviation.   It has been a while since we went to the museum of Agriculture...  probably this one and see the new baby animals...

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