Saturday, April 7, 2007


Would you believe it if I tell you there is snow on the ground here in ON, Canada?   Well there is.  Not much but enough to bug us a bit.   It was so nice last week-end and we had the spring jackets out, NOW winter jackets are out again.

Oh well...  There is that saying in French that goes like this "En avril ne te découvre pas d'un fil"  and it means in April, don't get undress too fast (obviously because the weather is not stable!!!).   So out the winter boots and the winter jackets.   

Actually, I just looked outside and IT IS SNOWING right now!   A cold Easter for us, let me tell you!!!


  1. Ours is about half-melted, but it's been nearly -20 overnight here in western Manitoba. Can't wait for the ground to thaw.

    Cat, Lazy Creek Zookeeper

  2. I love that saying!! It was so true for our Easter. First very warm (high 80s) then it turned super windy and cooled down quickly (low 70s) but still no snow. After all -- we do live in a desert! LOL!!

    So .... did you hide the eggs in the snow?

  3. We had quite the nor'easter this weekend, snow and ice everywhere. We still have quite a bit of snow out there :(