Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm back... and rested a bit

I came back last night at around 8:45pm or so (eastern time).   I had a great time with other pastors wifes and we had great teaching as well on the them of being light of the world.

During a free time, I went for a walk and discovered a little scrapbooking/stamping store in Vankleek Hill, ON.  The lady was showing me a lot of new stuff and I felt as though I needed to encourage her a little bit.  So I bought some embossing powder that has three color in it.   I was happy to have found it.

I brought one lady to the conference...  we didn't know each other before hand.   The Friday afternoon, she was saying that she was going up with someone she didn't know  and another lady asked her who it was so she gave my name...   The lady said "Oh I know her, she goes to my church!"  Curious I asked who it was and it was one of the homeschool mom I asked information about homeschool.    Turns out that the lady in my car is homeschooling as well.   So we talked about this and I learn that she is doing Math U See with her kids...   Personally, I think it was a total God thing that I was her "chauffeur" so that I can talk to her.

Many other women at the conference were homeschooling.   One lady in a small group encouraged me a lot.  I also met a woman who works with Focus on the Family and who will be speaking to the RVHEA conference later in April.  Interesting don't you think?



  1. I remember how many homeschoolers I met as I began thinking about it. I actually remember the moment that the "thought" entered my mind. I was talking to a friend before church and politely asked if she was going to send her son to the local Christian school next year (my son was in ps at the time). She said that they would be homeschooling and I felt a mini bolt of excitement. From then on, the feeling never left me and I knew I had to at least try this hs thing for a year. That was almost 5 years ago! God Bless.

  2. I love the changes you made to your blog~ looks great!