Monday, April 30, 2007

Back home, sick and school field trip tomorrow

Arg!   And to think I was hoping my cold was gone on Friday afternoon.   It rested safely until Sunday...  Believe it or not, I came back from the inSPIRE retreat with my sinuses bugging me and my throat on fire!!! 

Anyway, I am trying to deal with this and thinking I am completely crazy to go to the field trip tomorrow...  but to be honest, I don't trust the school as much anymore so I prefere being part of it.  Solution:  GO to bed early tonight to be on shape tomorrow.

Oh the joy to have a cell phone during a retreat...  When I spoke to my hubby on Saturday during a free time, I learned that our dishwasher died.  Rest in peace!   So dear husband let the kids take a nap and went later that afternoon to Sears to order a new one... along with a new oven that we were putting off since about 8-9 months.   So for now, we will do dishes by hand which is a good way to include conversations.  

So Alex's class is going on a field trip tomorrow at the Canadian Museum of children.   He's excited about it.   My lovely sister-in-law will be taking the other two little ones which my nephew will love since he will be playing with them!   Just hope their cold will be better by tomorrow...   Both have runny noses.

So now I am committed to do 30 minutes devotional everyday (including week-ends) and to follow up with another lady weekly.   I am paired with a gentle woman from who I can learn to be more patient.   She is one of the few grand-mothers in our church.   I told her she can be my grand-ma since I don't have any anymore...  

We (meaning many women in the inSPIRE group) also realized, during a session, the importance of having 2-3 women close to you who can encourage you when you go through a hard time.   Problem is for many that we don't have that many close friends...   Wish I had but reality is I got burned in the past and well, it is hard to open up.   Well on the way back home with a friend, we both realize that I knew her very well since she was trying to "hide" some money for gas...  Without seeing, I told her not to hide anything in the car.   She asked me how I knew she was doing it and I told her that I knew she would...   So there at the gas station, we both agreed that we were each other one member of the 2-3.   This mean I will have to make the effort to call her once in a while and see if she want to go for coffee...  Not a bad idea really!   Just have to do it!

Jérémy awoke when the garbage truck passed in front of the house... Why these things are so LOUD???   Make me wonder.   Poor kid needed his sleep too.  Gotta go. 

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  1. I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for encouraging us all to open up to others. It is easy to "keep to ourselves" but then we will miss out on the blessings God gives through others. Anissa