Friday, April 13, 2007

Our field Trip to the Museum of Sciences and Technology

The first thing we did as we arrived there is to get a little "course" on planet Earth.   Does rotatio and revolution mean anything to you?   When the Earth is rotating on itself and by doing so we see day and night.   A rotation takes 1 complete day.   At the same time, Earth is doing a revolution around the sun and this takes 1 year which is why we have the seasons...   To illustrate how the Earth is doing both, the lady needed a volunteer... and Alexandre went to wear the Earth costume and to illustrate the rotation and revolution at the same time.

This done, we went into a planetarium to look at the stars and the position of the sun depending of the season.   Very interesting!   Makes me want to learn more about astronomy for sure.  After lunch, the kids could explore the museum as much as they wanted.   The crooked kitchen was a hit as well as the snowmobile.   However, after a certain period of time, I wanted to make sure Alexandre could learn anything else.   So I brought him close to the area where there is an old snowmobile.  There we saw a box with on wheel on one side and a track on the other side.   The box seemed to be filed with false snow.   So I asked Alexandre to tell me why we don't find wheels on a snowmobile but tracks.   He told me that we would go deep in the snow if it had wheels.  I said yes and then showed him why a track was better.   We also explore the internet section and he sent an e-mail to his dad.  

Here's him looking at the wheel-track display.

Even though this museum is almost as it was when I was younger, I still learned a few things during the few hours we were there...

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