Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel

WoW! Great conference last night with Tim Kimmel. Thank you Focus on the Family Canada to organize this evening full of informaion.
The stories he told us were touching and brought us back to reality. What is grace-based parenting? It is a way to raise our kids with keeping in mind what God is doing for us.
Children have 3 inner needs:
  1. Security (Am I loved?)
  2. Significance (What is my purpose in life?)
  3. Strength (Do I have hope?)

 We need to encourage our kids to live a life of adventure. Adventure requires risks! These inner needs will determine our children view of themselves, others (both christians and non christians), love(both giving and receiving) and God.

Also, we learned that grace-based families give the people they love the freedom to

 The BIG Picture of Grace-Based parenting is the atmosphere, focus on their inner needs, build character and true greatness (humility, gratefulness, generosity, and a servant spirit).
Dr. Tim Kimmel has written many books. You can learn more about his ministry at Family Matters.

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