Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back from the field trip and another toy to test

Yep!  I'm back from the field trip.   Got some pictures on the camera... I will tell you more about rotation and revolution of the planet Earth later.   Amazing what you can learn in a couple of hours in a museum...

While driving back, I decided to get a cut for my hair.   I was trying to get them grow but I sense it is not me.  So I went to the haircutter and she said "Getting your hair grow longer I see".  I looked at her and said "Yes and I am here to get them cut..."  You see, I don't have the patience to arrange the hair in the morning and my husband is having trouble doing my color when they are longer.   So short it will be.   Right now it is not as short as I use to wear it but it's nice.   I left her the control of the hair this morning.   I have a whatever day...

So I get back home with my new hair-do and there is a message on the phone to go pick up another toy to test.  Horray!   So I drove to my distributor and got this small box.   Total of number of pieces less than 30 I think.   Time to assemble: 0.   Why? you might ask... simply because it is a game of dominos called Bendomino - Dominoes with a Twist.  Check it out on  Blue Orange Games.  It is quite cute to be honest and can't wait to check it out...  All made of wood and you have to do a half circle when you play the dominoes... instead of having a straight line.  Fun!

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