Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Chickenpox anyone?

Good afternoon,

My youngest son, Jérémy, seems to have a mild case of chicken pox according to our doctor.   It all started last week with one or two spots but he has a bit more now.   Someone told us that giving him a hot bath might help the spots to comes out...  (we usually give him a shower... easier for us!).  So tonight it will be BATH TIME!!!

Alexandre, my eldest, had it a few years ago.  But neither Dominic or Jérémy had it so far.   So I sure hope it is chicken pox then we would be done with it...  Spots like a ladybug...  How cute!


  1. My kids have all been immunized, so we shouldn't get them here.


  2. I am hoping Jeremy is better soon and no one else gets sick.

    When I was younger and had the chicken pocks. -- I had to take an oatmeal bath to keep from itching. I remember spending a lot of my time in that bath. LOL!