Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy 10th "Officially Going-Out" Anniversary!

Ten years ago... already?   How did that happen?

Ten years ago, we officially started to go out...    It was a Tuesday back then...

We went to the mini-putt and for a walk.   The moon was up in the air and we walked on a bridge.  Afterwards, we went to Tim Hortons ...  (In case some of you are wondering what is Tm Hortons... it is a big donuts chain here in Canada.  Check it out on Wikipedia! (amazing the stuff you can find on Wikipedia...) )

Love you sweetheart! xo

Want to see what we looked liked ten years ago???

We got married in 1998 so this year will be our 9th anniversary...  Time flies!
PS  I can't believe I missed the 10th anniversary of our first date... So much for watching the movie we saw 10 years ago...   BTW, it was The Saint .  

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