Monday, April 9, 2007


My husband is working in technology and he discovered something really great called Beyond TV.   We tape our shows directly on a PC....  So if we miss something, no need to worry about programming the tapig, we know it will do it automatically since we have scheduled it.   It is great!   We are not TV junkies but there is some shows we don't want to miss like Smallville or Extreme Makeover Home Edition (that's mine!) or Heroes (that's for Rob!).

Now we our new TV, I can surf even the net and update my blog because I can read better.   So here I am sitting on the sofa in the living room (and not at my laptop in the office) and typing  to tell you how much I like technology.   We are using a wireless keyboard and a mouse. 

To top it off, Rob got the Left Behind computer game so that we could play together.   We just need a wireless game console....   So we are shopping around to get one. 

I love technology but at times I wonder how much we are taking it for granted...   What if someday all this won't be available for whatever reasons we have...  I'm sure we would find some way to created something else.

Can you believe that I knew the internet in it's infance when no images were available and all was text???  Scary!   I remember it clearly since I was in university.   Unbelievable how fast the internet had changed in a short time...

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