Sunday, April 22, 2007

Homeschooling Conference

We had our homeschooling conference this week-end and we came back motivate and very informed.   We also came back with our Math curriculum.   After investigation and watching a demo DVD from the company, we had decided to go with Math U See.   So we got the Primers books, the CD with the song book, the blocks as well as the wooden boxes to keep them in there.

This morning, Alexandre wanted to check it out.   He already did one lesson and a half and loves it.   Well I must admit that the Primer is for his age right now and he knows his numbers.   But it is a good beginning...

Seeing what Alexandre was doing, Dominic didn't want to be left out and ran to go get his preschool book.   Isn't it cute?   Rob was impressed and thinks our family will love doing this.   Dominic is in the age that he wants to do everything his big brother is doing.  So that's help for sure.

Now I just have to figure out what I will do for French and English.   We were thinking of doing Sonlight but we saw something called "Come Sit By Me" which uses Canadian books.   It is a bit life Five In A Row.   I think Sonlight is wonderful but I think that for the first year "Come Sit By Me" would be just perfect for us.   I need to do some more thinking... obviously!   And check out my option for French.

However, we saw a demo of Rosetta Stone.  WoW!   Can't find the words for it...  It is amazing.   We are thinking it could be good to go through the English (for me and the boys) and the Spanish.  Also the French would be good for the kids as well.   Rob connected well with the salesperson and he will present this to some of our clients who are having trouble with their French.  If these clients order some then we could get a software for free or cheap maybe...   That would be great!


  1. I am so glad that you found a curriculum that will well for all of you!! We love MUS here!

    One note about Rosetta Stone -- your boys are way to young for it. Most people I know who use this program recommend it for children grades 7 and above. If you want something for your children now -- there are other options out there but this is one item that shouldn't be on your list yet.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time!

    I'm so anxious for our convention~ it's only a few weeks away now.


  3. When we talked to the person demonstrating the Rosetta Stone software we did ask at what age a child could star using it... And the guy told us as soon as he/she can use a mouse.

    Now we have checked a lot of different software and believe me when I say that the quality of Rosetta Stone is far above anything else. We are truly convince this is a top of the line software to learn another language. And we, as parents, are planning to take it as well. Seeing that a mission trip in Dominican Republic is coming next February with our church and that the two kids we are sponsoring there speaks Spanish, we will not hesitate purchasing this software if our finances permit it for us and for our oldest.