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AppFishing APPFinity

6018333-2012-0007AppFishing – AppFinity
From AppToyz
Available through SpinMaster

About the product

AppFishing delivers all the live-action of real fishing! Find your sea legs as you cast and jig your way into the ultimate fishing experience. Transform iOS devices into the perfect angler adventure as the gyroscope produces authentic fishingchallenges. The adjustable reel can detach to suit both left and right-handed anglers. Download the free Appfinity World Fishing Challenge and find yourself knee-deep in angler adrenaline!

My Thoughts

Last year I had the opportunity of reviewing the appblaster via SpinMaster.  This year, new products have come out on the market to incorporate your iPod/iPhone in your gaming time.    Introducing the AppFishing which will allow you to practice your fishing skill during the cold months. 

So one cold Saturday morning, I installed my iPod in the AppFishing device and proceeded to try out the app Fish It.  At first I had some issues with the AppFishing device but I quickly realized that I had inserted the support for my iPod the wrong way.  After reinserting the support properly, the device closed properly and it was easy to use.   

Click on the red button to release the line and throw it into the water.   Within seconds, fish will come and you will have a bait.   Lift your fishing pole in the air and hook the fish.  Once you are successful, you can now bring the fish back to the boat.   The AppFishing device is very quiet when reeling the fish on board.  Each time you catch a fish, you get money which in turn you will be able to purchase baits, lines and radar.   You can pick different fishing places around the world – American Lakes, Bahamas, Greenland, and Tokyo.   Personally, I wish that there would be more places to explore while fishing.  I sure hope that there will be more fishing challenges to be included in this app.    Also, the app allows you to catch over 60 different species of fish.    The app Fish It is available for free on iTunes but will work better with the AppFishing rod.  Also, please note that this is an OpenFeint app and it needs to be activate as such to be able to play.


In conclusion, I think that the AppFishing device has potential.  Your child or yourself can have quite a fun time trying to fish the various species found in the game.   I hope that the game will get better as time goes by.   It would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for the fisherman in your life.

The AppFishing is available at your favourite toy store, even on

Disclaimer: Thanks to SpinMaster for sending the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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