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Tricks That Take Fish

60239100531040M Tricks That Take Fish – The Definitive Guide to Catching Freshwater Gamefish on Bait, Lures, and Flies.
Written by Harold Blaisdell
Published at Skyhorse Publishing

About the book

Seasoned fisherman Harold Blaisdell shares the secrets he’s discovered over years of catching trout, bass, salmon, pickerel, pike, and more. You name it, he’s caught it. Here you’ll find tips for catching trout with worms or minnows, attracting lake salmon with wet flies, making homemade decoys for ice fishing, and much more!

My Thoughts

I have fishermen in my family – from 40 something years old to 11 years old and younger.   I also have a tiny fisherwoman who love to go with her dad on the Zodiac boat we had to catch some fish.   When I requested this book to review, I thought of them.  If you are wondering if I am a fisherwoman – not really but I tag along for photo opportunities.    Sometimes I will grab a pole and try my hand but I am not putting the worm or taking out the fish.    No thanks.  However, the fishing that my kids are doing with their dad is a great opportunity for them to spend time with him.

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The book is divided in ten chapters.  

  • Taking Trout On Bait
  • Fly Fishing
  • Spinning
  • Bait Fishing for Bass
  • Plugs, Bugs, and Hardware
  • Lake Trout and Salmon
  • Pickerel, Pike, and Muskellunge
  • Panfish
  • Ice Fishing
  • A Few Odd and Ends

Not all the chapters will be useful for our family.   For example, my husband do not do fly fishing.   But you never know when this information can be useful.  I know for one thing that he would love to go fish for trout so this little gem of a book would be perfect for him to learn more on how to catch this fish.   The place where our RV is parked during the summer also has a lake where you find numerous bass.   However, in recent years, we also discovered that pike can be found there.   Each time we loss the fish for various reasons.   Having a chapter where pike fishing is discussed will be very helpful for my kids and husband.     They are dreaming of the day when they can catch a pike at Astrolabe Lake.   You will also find black and white pictures as well as hand-drawn illustrations when reading the chapters of this book.

While reading about pike, I discovered that the big fish that you want to catch wants something more meaty in size for bait like in the 6-8 inches long.   No wonder that my fishermen have not caught the big pikes in Astrolabe Lake!    It explains everything. Same thing happens with the lure.  You have to use bigger lure to catch the bigger fish.    FInally, apparently the best time of the year to fish for pike is apparently in the fall because the temperature cools the water.   Interesting…

This book is definitively packed with tried-and-true methods that a fishing legend has used.   He shares his secrets for catching a wide variety of fish and will give you techniques to get better in your fishing.  Beside the book’s size is perfect to be included in the lure box.

If you have a fisherman in your life who would love to learn more about how to catch some specific fish or try a new techniques, I think that Tricks That Take Fish would be a great Christmas gift in their stocking.

PS The pike that my son caught was taken out of White Lake in Ontario.

Tricks that Take Fish is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even

Disclaimer: Thanks to Thomas Allen for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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