Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coming Home

1581347561Coming Home
Written by Max Lucado
Published at Crossway

About the book

Twin brothers Arion and Argo are scared. They have spent most of their lives shipwrecked on the lonely, gray island of Terrene with their ship's captain, and now he is leaving and they cannot imagine life on Terrene without him. He is going to Bluestone, a place where the birds always sing and the grass is ever green. He tells them he is going to prepare a place for them in Bluestone. Then he will come back for them, and they will all go to Bluestone together.

Though Bluestone sounds like a wonderful place, the boys find it difficult to wait for the captain on Terrene. The island is so gray that it is hard for them to imagine the vibrant colors of Bluestone. Soon they grow tired of watching and waiting for their captain, and it is hard for them to remember his voice. Can they really believe that he will come back for them? To do so they must have faith-they must see with their hearts, not their eyes.

Will the captain really come back for Arion and Argo like he promised? And will the boys be ready for his return?

My thoughts

This book is an allegorical tale about the second coming of Jesus Christ.   We all know that Jesus has went to prepare a place for us in Heaven.  But how long will it take?   He can come anytime and all we have to do is to be prepare.  

Waiting can be hard.   How do you react when you have to wait longer than planned at the doctor’s office.  Most of us can get annoyed, angry and even loose our temper.    Still waiting is part of our earthly life as well as our spiritual life.   How do you live your life?   Do you look at the world and think that it isn’t that bad after all?  Do you pursue God on your daily activities?   Do you stop and think before engaging in some activity?   Do you think “Just this once….” when you know deep down that it isn’t what God require of you.

Our Lord always follow through in His promises to us and He will come back someday.   It is important that our children realized that and that God forgives our bad decisions as well.  This book will tell you about this.   However, I also realized that not everyone will be able to get into Heaven and I guess I would have expected seeing this in a more realistic way in the book.   The notion is there subtle – the creatures in the forest.   Still the lesson is there – be careful not to believe what others might tell you.   Stick to your Christian worldview and be prepare to stand strong in the midst of being bombarded with other ideas.

The book is an interesting adaptation on how Christ will come back to us one day.   The illustrations are stunning and the story written by a great teacher.   It would make a great addition to your family library.

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