Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome

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From Hasbro Canada

About the product

Take your battles to the next level with the tops, tools and arena in the Destroyer Dome Set! Get ready for a whole new kind of battle in the Destroyer Dome arena, because this arena is closed and tops zip up the sides for gravity-defying combat! Pit the included 2 tops against each other. Will your Spiral Foxtop’s tough Defense tip allow it to withstand the attacks of your Cyclone Herculeo top, with its Flat tip for aggressive movement? For even more incredible action in the Destroyer Dome arena, customize your tops with the exclusive dome spin track accessories. Use the G58 for extra gripping power or the V61 for less surface friction. After you’ve practiced on your own, challenge your friends to a smackdown! You’ve got everything you need to start battling with the Destroyer Dome set!

Set includes arena, 2 five-piece tops, 2 DOME SPIN TRACKS, 2 RIPCORD LAUNCHERS, 2 assembly tools, 2 collector cards and instructions.

 My Thoughts

Of all the different Beyblade products I had reviewed in the past, I think this one is the coolest.   I am very excited about the fact that it is a dome arena instead of the regular type of arena that you usually see in stores.   Finally a huge change to regular Beyblade products.   This time, if the tops goes overboard, if could spin back down without exiting the arena!   This happened a few times with the other arenas that we have at home. 

The dome is made of flexible plastic to allow the tops to spin freely in it.    Personally, I wish the dome would be made of a stronger plastic but there might be a reason beyond my knowledge why the side of the dome is thin.   The base of the dome is made of a stronger plastic that will allow you to secure the dome on any kind of surface whether wood flooring or carpet.

Two tops are included with this Beyvlade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome.  And if you child has other tops or if you have other children who have some tops, then you can do a friendly competition between siblings.   

This Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome is definitively my favourite arena so far.   It’s design is out-of-the-ordinary and will bring new strategies in battling the tops that you have.   Even if you have one of the regular arenas at home, I would like to suggest that you consider getting the Beyblade Matal Fury Destroyer Dome for the boy in your life this year as it will allow him to experience a new environment with his tops.

The Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome is available for purchase at your favourite toystore, even at


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