Monday, November 19, 2012

Zipfy Artist Series

Zipfy Artist Series
By Zipfy

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to review a Zipfy which is a mini luge that the kids have learned to adore and bring every time we go to an hill to slide.   Last year, the two saucers we owned broke after a few years of usage.   At the end of the season we were able to purchase a new double slide but with four kids in the family – having one Zipfy and one double slide wasn’t enough.   We had duct taped the saucers and were planning to use them again this year.   But when I was surfing one early morning, I realized that this year Zipfy has released a new series of their fun luges with an artist series.

The artist series luges are special limited edition of special luge with a unique design. 

Voltio have created the Samurai 39, Totem 48, Maori 26, Ghostrider 0.0 blue and  Ghostrider 0.0 red.

image image image

image image

MEC has created the Prism 81.


Juliana Neufeld has created the Monsters 7.


Playdead has created the Playdead 00.


Skam has created the Graffiti 22.


Jacob Rolfe has created Blue Wave 45, Pink Wave 88, and Canadiana 67.

image image image

We received a Canadiana 67 model and I must admit that it was my first pick.   I love the Canadian flair that it has on the Zipfy.  As soon as I received the box, I opened it and admired the Artist Zipfy we had received.   I am quite impressed with the quality of the design on the luge.   You can see that it is high quality and that it won’t peel in the cold weather. 


I particularly love the cool Canadian winter design on it.   Nothing more Canadian than a beaver and moose playing hockey on a frozen lake surrounded by maple trees hooked up with the traditional can to collect the sap for maple syrup.   *grin*   I really like the colors and the trees in the background.    And knowing how well our previous Zipfy handles on the snow, I know that the kids and adults in this family will enjoy the slide.   The plastic is strong and can support heavy weight up to 250 lbs.  

We are lucky to have a hill next to our swimming lessons and last year we took advantage of this quite a few times.   The Zipfy and other sledding devices were packed in the Suburban so we can go whenever we wanted to.    The Zipfy is easy to use, simply sit on it and lift you legs up.  Hold yourself on the handle and slide down the hill.   To carry it, you simply have to swing it over your shoulder and climb back up the hill.  Simple. Effective. Fun.   Their site also help you to find a place to slide – which can come in handy if you want to surprise your kids one snowy day of winter!  This year my husband wants to try the Zipfy and look forward to experience the slide.

imageAnd if you want to meet other Zipfy users, there is even a global community where you can organize local races, meet fellow riders and more.

We enjoy our Zipfy and I know that this new model will provide hours of pleasure for my family.   If you are looking for a different kind of sliding device this year, I would like to suggest that you check out the Zipfy products.

The Zipfy Artist Series Canadiana 67  is an exclusive product to Chapters Indigo.   You can only get them at the store or online for the price of 44.95$.  Other models are available at Scholar’s Choice.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Zipfyfor sending me the above mentioned product for promotion purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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