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Step-By-Step Baking Cakes

9781465400802_FC_225x225-75 Step-By-Step Baking Cakes Ebook
From DK Canada

About the book

Make sure your baking rises to every occasion.

Whether you want to produce the perfect tart, bake a cake fit for a king or serve up a soufflé that won't sink, Step-by-Step Baking Cakes guides you through 350 baking recipes for every occasion.
80 classic recipes are fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions to ensure you're always on the right track and variations help you add a modern twist. Clear instructions, essential information on ingredients and advice on equipment and storage will help you bake with confidence and have your friends and family begging for more.

From sweet to savory, Step-by-Step Baking Cakes is the one baking bible that you shouldn't be without.

My Thoughts

This specific ebook has been created to give you the flexibility you need when baking.   Essentially, the recipes were taken from The Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking recipe book from DK Canada so that you don’t have to bring the huge version on your counter while baking.   It features 100 of the favorite cake recipes found in the hardcover version I had a chance to review last year.     It also contains four chapters which covers a wide variety of cakes that could be done everyday, during celebrations or just for fun!  Here’s what you should expect in this ebook.

  • Everyday Cakes – Victoria Sponge Cake, Angel food cake, genoise with raspberries and cream, swiss roll, ginger cake, carrot cake, lemon polenta cake, sticky toffee puddings, chocolate cake with buttercream, devil’s food cake, chocolate fudge cake, baked chocolate mousse, German apple cake, rhubarb and ginger upside down cake, Bavarian plum cake, banana bread, bara brith.
  • Celebration Cakes – rich fruit cake, plum pudding, panettone, stollen, bienenstich, brioche des rois, kugelhopf, chocolate roulade, and my favorite black forest gâteau.
  • Small Cakes – vanilla cream cupcakes, fondant fancies, chocolate fudge cake balls, whoopie pies, chocolate fondants, lemon and blueberry muffins, madeleines, scones, Welsh cakes, rock cakes.
  • Cheesecakes – blueberry ripple cheesecake, German cheesecake, lemon cheesecake.

To pick your curiosity, here’s some of the recipes you can find in the Step-by-step baking cakes ebook.

image image

image image

You will find easy to glance icons that will tell you how many people you can serve with this recipe, how long it will take to make it, how long is necessary to bake it and finally if you can freeze the cake for future event.  You will get a list of the ingredients and special equipment you might need to do the recipe as well as step-by-step instructions to make it.    Each recipe has it’s own photograph of the final product so it’s easy to see if your creation look similar to the one in the ebook!    Finally, there are multi-touch elements throughout the book.   Sometimes it will be step-by-step photos and instructions that you will have to swipe on the screen (don’t forget to have a towel next to you to clean your hands if necessary).  Other times you will have the opportunity to watch a video to discover what to expect at a specific  step.   You have the possibility of get the view full screen if necessary.  I am please to see that there is sound with the videos in this particular ebook.

I love the idea of having a section of the Illustrated Step-by-step Baking cookbook on my ipad simply because it takes less place on my countertop.   It would be nice to have other sections of the original book available on the iPad eventually.   But this is a good starting point.  After all, what kind of baking do we do more often – probably cakes…

Step-by-step Baking Cakes ebook is available for purchase on iTunes for the price of 5.99$.

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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