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Duo Pinball

imageDuo Pinball
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About the product

Experience some pinball wizardry and relive your favorite arcade moments with Duo Pinball, the app-supported pinball controller for iPad.   Flipper buttons and a spring-loaded plunger make pinball gameplay unbelievably real.

My Thoughts

Pinball machines – It seems as though they have existed for the longest time.   Actually I was surprised to learn that something similar existed back in the 1700s.   I played a bit back in the 80s but as I got older, I rarely hung up where you would find these machines.    I remember seeing a report on the news about someone collecting them which took quite some space in his basement.   I was impressed by his love and dedication of the game.    Still every now and then, I wonder if a pinball would be a fun thing to have in our house.   Real pinball machines can be extremely expensive – it’s an investment for sure.HA211_AV2

However, if you love pinball and want to have the possibility of playing with one more regularly, let me present you the Duo Pinball device for the iPad.   This device plays exclusively with Pinball HD and Pinball HD Collection apps that are available on iTunes but you will see how fabulous it is.   As you can see on the right picture, the device itself is a plastic base that his tilted a bit to give you the impression of playing on a real pinball machine.   Two side buttons control the flippers and a spring-loaded plunger will help you to shoot the ball into the game.


When installing the iPad in it, it will fit snugly into the Duo Pinball device and won’t move easily.  This feature is perfect because you don’t want to miss some cool shoots when playing.  What is interesting is that you can play sitting down with this instead of standing up while playing on a regular pinball machine.

The spring-loaded plunger is very quiet and work fabulously well.    When I tried the device, I had not realized that I needed to set up the Bluetooth on the iPad so that it recognize it.    Why?, you mightIMG_5971 wonder.  Well the device is connected wirelessly to your iPad.  Three batteries need to be inserted in the back of it.     But once I did, I quickly became speechless and got absorbed in the Wild West game.   I had fun and I know that this jewel of a device will bring much joy for the rest of my family.    Also, when you launch the app you will unlock five free tables – Wild West, The Deep, Snow, Jungle Style and DaVinci.   Other tables are also available for the price of 0.99$ or 2.99$.      The colors in the app are breathtaking and the game is fun to say the least.  

My kids have not played often with a pinball machine I believe.  Well maybe the oldest did.  But going to places where pinball machines can be found could get pricey for us with a family of six.   So having the Duo Pinball will allow them to experience the joy of playing on pinball machines without having to make a huge investment in purchasing one or spending too much at an arcade.  Mind you I don’t mind them having fun at an arcade every once in a while but I prefer having the opportunity for them at home where I know they will practice as much as they want.

Wondering what to buy for your loved one this Christmas?  You know that pinball machines are attractive to him or her?  Do you have an iPad?   If so, why not getting the Duo Pinball device as a Christmas surprise.   It will bring joy and hours of fun in your family!

The Duo Pinball device is for sale for the price of 59.95$ Canadian at the Apple Store.

You can also purchase it on

Disclaimer: Thanks to Discovery Bay for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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