Monday, November 12, 2012

Around the Word in 60 Seconds – The Ultimate Tween Devotional

image Around the Word in 60 Seconds – The Ultimate Tween Devotional
Written by Mary DeMuth
Published at Tyndale

About the book

The teen years can be exciting, challenging, and unpredictable—and so can the journey of getting to know Jesus! Around the Word in 60 Seconds is the perfect road map for both of those adventures. This devotional encourages readers to walk closely with God and learn how to handle tough situations with spiritual strength.

The perfect gift for the teen or tween in your life, Around the Word in 60 Seconds contains 52 weeks of stories illustrating the things that guys and girls encounter every day (like love, family, friends, money, temptation, school, and many more). An activity, prayer, and verses help it hit home. Through short, daily interactions with God, readers will learn what it means to truly follow Jesus with changed hearts and lives.

Written by popular author Mary DeMuth in partnership with the influential youth ministry iShine.

My Thoughts

At the beginning of the year, my oldest son – who is 11 years old – starting doing a devotional with another book.   I was wondering what he could do for 2013 and this book is perfect for his devotions in the morning.    Around the Word in 60 Seconds is divided in 52 weeks to cover the whole year.  

The week starts with a scripture, a story, questions to stir the thinking process on your tween’s brain, a take action part so that the young person can apply what has been read in his/her life and finally a prayer that the tween can pray.  That’s on the first day of the week.   Then for each following days – Tuesday to Friday – the young man/woman is encourage to memorize a scripture and answer some questions. For example, for the verse 1 john 2:16 the question attached to it is:

Why do people struggle with wanting more and more and more?

I am planning to ask my son to answer the questions by filling as much as possible of the page.  I want to encourage him to write as much as he wants about the subject mentioned in the question.   I will also ask him to discuss the questions with me during the weeks.   I hope to help him to be able to journal more about what touches him in the devotions and prayers he might have.

Finally, when the week-end arrives, your child will be able to read another scripture  to memorize and answer other questions.   Each week have a specific theme that can be an issue in a tween’s life like love, family, friends, money, temptation, school and much more.  

I think this devotion is perfect for my son.    I am seriously thinking to provide a notebook for him to record his answers so that his siblings can use the devotional as well when they are older.    If you have a young person ages 11-14 years of age, I would like to recommend the Around the Word in 60 Seconds to help them develop the habit of learning more about God’s word as well as do a devotions in the morning.  

Around the Word in 60 Seconds is available at your favourite bookstore, even and



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