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Smithsonian Natural History Reptiles and Amphibians eBook

 9781465401069_225x225-75 Smithsonian Natural History Reptiles and Amphibians Ebook
From DK Canada

About the ebook

Natural History: Reptiles and Amphibians features content taken from our landmark reference guide, Natural History - a book overseen and authenticated by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History - and is filled with interactive elements to bring its contents to life on the iPad. Featuring a remarkable array of specially commissioned photographs, Natural History: Reptiles and Amphibians also includes a selection of easy-to-use widgets to provide a rich, fulsome user experience. Swipe-through photo galleries feature a pinch and pull design to expand image views, "Look Closer" galleries give stunning in-depth close-ups of selected species, embedded soundless videos show the animals in action, and audio files provide sounds of selected reptiles and amphibians in the wild.

My Thoughts

If you have a child who loves anything and everything linked to the reptiles and amphibians category, I think this ebook would be a great interest for him or her as well as for you!   This particular ebook was created from the Smithsonian Natural History book released by DK last year.  That title is not an easy one to be able to carry around with its 600 plus pages so DK has thought of releasing various ebooks with multi-touch capability based on the original edition.

The ebook version of the Smithsonian Natural History Reptiles and Amphibians will start with an introduction on classification and where these creatures fit in the tree of life.   Then you can jump right on in discover the reptiles and amphibians included in this book. 

In the reptiles section you will have the opportunity to learn more about the following creatures: turtles and tortoises, tuataras, lizards, chameleons, geckos, iguanas, skins, burrowing vipers and boas, colubrids, Asian pipe snakes and sea snakes, cobras, pythons, sunbeam snakes, blind snakes, thread snakes, vipers, crocodiles and alligators, gharials, caimans, and many more.   In the amphibians section, you will learn more about midwife toads, squeakers, glass frogs, painted frogs, robber frogs, toads, marsupial frogs, cryptic forest frogs, poison dart frigs, tree frogs, salamanders, newts,  and more.

While reading this ebook, I learned that chameleons have the ability of moving each eye independently to allow them to keep an eye on predators because they have no ears.They tongue is very long and comes out of their mouth at incredible speed to grasp the unsuspecting prey from a distance. They use their tail to help climbing and it acts as a fifth limb.  In the amphibians section, I enjoyed reading more about the glass frogs.  Did you know that these frogs live in Central and South America and that their skin is so transparent that you can see their internal organs?   Fascinating.   For example, the limon giant glass frog is an arboreal frog that lives in wet vegetation near stream and it has dark green bones.  

See some of the pages in the ebook Smithsonian Natural History Reptiles and Amphibians.

image image

image image

As you can see you will learn interesting things about the creatures in this ebook.  You will also have the possibility to see stunning photographs that will take your breath away. This ebook is interesting for homeschooler as it will allow you to interact and learn more about a specific creatures. The introduction of a section will highlight the characteristics and behaviors. You will have the possibility of zooming in on some specific animals in order to get close-ups photos and learn more about them. While reading the information you will learn more about the habitat, the physical characteristics, life cycle, behavior and reproductive habits of the creature. At times through the ebook, you will have the possibility to visualize and learn more about parts of the animals with close-ups pictures. Finally, you will be able to listen to some animals sounds and visualize the animal in action with the helps of sound files and videos.

The Smithsonian Natural History Reptiles and Amphibians ebook is available on iTunes for the price of 4.99$.

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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