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Plate It Forward

IMG_5587Plate It Forward
From Boom Boom! Revolution
While on facebook one day, I saw an announcement on the Boom Boom! page for a product that was coming.   I thought it was a genius idea and message them to see if it could be possible to receive one to review.   They said yes!    So I waited patiently until it was available and sent to me.

What is Boom Boom! Revolution?
The idea is simple.  The objective of their products is to build community, improve humanity, and champion the belief that doing good is what needs to be done.   Their moniker Boom Boom! is inspired by a boomerang.   What does a boomerang do?  It comes back to you.   The hope is to generate thoughts, actions, and words that will go full circle once launch to someone.

We have experienced this in a different way.   We have the habit to pass along clothing and toys that are not for our kids anymore.   Well believe it or not, this comes around as well as other people have passed along clothing and such to us.
When I received the Plate It Forward, I was excited.  Now I only had to pick someone to receive the plate.

What is Plate It Forward?
It's the newest (and tastiest!) way to "pay it forward"…Plate it Forward! Inspired by Card #13 from the Family Deck, this colorful and durable plate lets you pass on two of the most vital joys of life: love and food. Perfect gift for the holidays or any time!   A special message on the plate will give your the steps that need to be done to bless someone.
Step ONE
Make something delicious for someone you care about.
Step TWO
Place your treat on this plate.
Plate it Forward! Deliver the plate to your unsuspecting (and lucky!) recipient.
High five yourself (and anyone around you) for keeping this act of guerilla goodness in motion.
Now that’s good work!IMG_5588
Our Thoughts
This plate was inspired  by the Family Edition Boom Boom! Card # 13 which encourages you to make something yummy and give it away to your neighbors or friends.   We love to bless others in various ways.   We had recently made homemade donuts which I intended to share.   But when we received this fabulous plate, we also made banana breads (two different ones) and we decided to give a variety of yummy goodies to a friend of our who recently had a surgery.
Here’s the plate before I wrap it up.


One disappointed thing though.   With the cards you can register the one you use on the Boom Boom! site and submit the registration number on each card as you pass them along.   Not so with the plate.   There isn’t a registration number behind the plate so you can’t really register it.   For us, we decided to pass the card along with the plate and I took a picture showing them together with the goodies we were giving our friend and her family.


What I particularly like about this kind of product is that you can do this together as a family.  The kids get excited when they bake something for someone and love to bless others in the process.  In a time and age where often people are self-centered and selfish, it is nice to raise kids who are willing to sacrifice for others. 

I thought it would be nice to include the thoughts of my friend as well.  So here they are:
I’ve been away for the week and haven’t had the time to pass the plate on to someone one.   I like the idea of blessing someone and the plate has a pretty design.
Watch this little video that illustrate perfectly how to use Plate It Forward.

The price tag attached to the Plate It Forward is 16.99$ for one and you can also get a set of two for $29.99.  It can be purchased at their site  The Family Edition of the Boom Boom! Cards is also available on their site for the price of 14.95$

So now our Plate It Forward is gone.   Maybe one day it will come back here.  But even if it doesn’t we have been blessed recently with banana chocolate chips muffins from another friend who came to drop off the Sunday School lesson I will be teaching on Sunday at our place.   So in a way it did came around.  I hope that our Plate It Forward will bless others for years to come!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Boom Boom! Revolution for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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