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The True Account of Adam and Eve

true-account-of-adam-and-eve The True Account of Adam & Eve
Written by Ken Ham
Published at MasterBooks

About the book

Where mankind’s history began impacts how our future will end!

  • The biblical answer to the question: Were Adam and Eve real people or just generic references for all of mankind?
  • Explains the connection between original sin and the gospel
  • Emphasizes the importance of Adam and Eve as literal history to young and old alike

When you unlock the door to biblical compromise, the door gets pushed open wider with each generation. The Church is now debating the validity of Genesis as actual history, the reality of hell itself, and even if Adam was a real person. Trying to change the biblical time-line to fit with the secular concepts of millions of years has led many in Christian academia to reject the literal interpretation of the Bible itself. Perfect for children, the book helps them discover the truth about the first man and woman, and how their disobedience led to the need for Jesus Christ.

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Last Friday, I officially embarked on the Moms of Master Books review crew.   I’m excited because I really love the books from Master Books and I am the first Canadian to be part of the team I think.   Having said this, the first book that I am reviewing for Moms of Master Books is The True Account of Adam & Eve which I had received the previous week.  As a homeschooler and a Christian, I find it important that my kids are able to decipher the truth when it comes to the Bible.   Unfortunately, at this time and age, you often hear that events from the Old Testament were just stories to teach you something.   I wholeheartedly disagrees with this way of thinking but at the same time I believe in teaching my kids both sides of the coin since eventually they will be exposed to the secular thinking.  Doing so, I hope that they will be able to defend their faith and have clear thoughts about the Biblical account.

This book is perfect for any family wanting to discover more about Adam & Eve and what happened during their life on Earth.   It starts with the Biblical account of Creation and from there it explains in clear terms why sin entered the world and how God had a plan to save everyone who believes in Jesus.  The illustrations are stunning and will open your mind and eyes to the real truth of the Bible.   My 11 years old son particularly liked the garden illustration in the middle of the book and the fact that you can open these pages to discover the result of the disobedience to God.   I really like the illustration showing the generations from Adam to Noah.   For each member you can visualized the age when their first son was born and the age of the person at the time of his death.

The other section that I have enjoyed reading is the page and illustration of how it happened that we have 7 billions of people today based on the size of Noah’s family.   As we all know from the Bible, after the flood there was only eight people on the Earth as everybody else had died.   Could the population have grown so much in the past 4300 years?   The answer is YES.   If the population doubled only every 150 years we could easily reach the numbers we have today.   I find it fascinating that by simple calculation we can arrive to this conclusion.

What this video to learn more about the book.

As usually I am very impressed with the quality of the book from MasterBooks.     I know that when I have one of the publication in my hands that my kids will get the Biblical perspective of the subject covered.   I completely trust their books and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get a strong Biblical worldview.  This book is a perfect addition to our homeschool personal library as it covers Biblical history as well as strengthen our faith.

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The True Account of Adam and Eve is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: Thanks to New Leaf Publishing Group for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own. 

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  1. I'm curious as to why you think "Adam & Eve's disobedience" / "original sin" is linked to "the need for Jesus Christ"?