Sunday, March 29, 2009

Book Review: Running from the Devil by Jamie Freveletti

What the book is all about…
When her plane is hijacked and crash-landed outside Bogota, Emma Cauldridge, a biochemist for a cosmetics company who is on a special mission of her own, is thrown safely from the wreckage. She watches as guerillas march the surviving passengers away, heading toward a ransom rendezvous point. An ultra-marathon runner, Emma follows closely behind, using her athletic skills and her experience in identifying wild plant life, to stay alive. Her skills become even more valuable when she finds an injured passenger, government agent Cameron Sumner, on the jungle path, separated from the group.

As news of the hijacking and kidnapping breaks in Washington, the Department of Defense contacts Edward Banner, a former military man and current CEO of a company that provides special forces personnel in times of international crisis. Banner pushes the limits of his influence in order to find the hostages, Sumner, and the woman who stayed a step ahead by staying a step behind in the race for her life through the Colombian jungle.

Who is Jamie Freveletti?
She’s a competitive (speed) runner. She’s a teacher and black belt in aikido. She’s earned degrees in law, political science and international studies. She’s been a trial attorney. She’s the author of the book. She is looking forward to write more and to learn to throw knifes and pick locks. This is her first published work.

My thoughts of the novel
WoW! I was able to read this novel in one week and I am really impressed with it. The suspense is intense and existent from the beginning to the end of the book. I must admit that I am very surprised by the quality of the story and the writing. Jamie was able to keep me hooked on the book the whole nine yards and I was always look forward to what would happen next. The main character is very courageous. Personally, I wonder if I would be in the same position I would be able to just survive in the jungle. Reading how Emma adapted herself in this situation made me want to be even more in shape so I can survive any situation too. The character of Emma also made me remember things I had learned when I was a girl guide on how to survive in the forest. Emma is a source of knowledge that is good to have. I wish I had a Emma in my life!

I was not expecting the theme of faith and prayer in this book. To my surprise, the author handles this specific subject pretty well without going through too many details. Faith and prayer is a touchy subject sometimes but as a Christian I was pleased with the fact that Emma was covered in prayer and faith by another character. God did guide her steps and actions throughout the whole ordeal.

This book is worth the read. I recommend it 150%to everyone who loves suspense and thriller! It will keep you wanting more and discovering what will happen to Emma, Cameron and the passengers. Don’t hesitate. When you see it at the bookstore, buy it. It is a wonderful book full of adventures. At the turn of each pages, you will find yourself sitting more at the edge of your chair.

The book is available at and in both hardcover and tradepaperback. Official release of the book is end of April. Until then - be patient...

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