Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rediscovering the Noah's Ark story with One 2 Believe

We had the marvelous surprise to be able to review a toy while being on the TOS Homeschool Crew. The toy we received comes from a company called One 2 Believe. One 2 Believe is a company who wants children to learn Bible Lessons and come to faith in Jesus.

The toy is part of the Toy of Glory series that One 2 Believe has. We received the Noah’s Ark (based on Genesis 6-9) and as soon as the box was open, the kids disappeared with the boat and the figurines. Funny enough I got a couple of animals in double. So we just pretended that the animals already started to reproduce in the ark *grin*.

The ark was a huge hit in our household. They are using it in various ways – not always as the story of Noah – as they are using their imagination often. But the ark is quite solid. So solid to be honest that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to open the boat to store the animals. It wasn’t quite evident at first but I finally was able to separate the top from the bottom to put the animals in the ark. OUF! Sadly, the ark is only coming with one person ie Mr. Noah. It is a bit sad to see that Mrs. Noah is forgotten so often as well as his sons and daughters-in-law. After all, Noah wasn’t alone to take care of the animals…
The Tales of Glory figurines are made of PVC. Each ark comes with a mini-book which tells the story of Noah’s Ark in a few words. Someone from the crew also mentioned that you could get some Tales of Glory figurines at the Dollar Store in the States. Back in February, we took a drive to Ogdensburg, NY and there was a Dollar Store. So I decided to take a peek just in case I could find some of the figurines. I was able to get Jesus, Mary, David, Goliath and Moses. The kids love the figurines especially the Jesus one! It was great to be introduced to a company who is creating toys based on biblical stories.
Would I recommend One 2 Believe for someone who is looking for toys based on the biblical stories? You bet. The figurines are quite sturdy and easy to manipulate for little hands. Even though the animals look a little bit funny (they make me think of cartoon animals), the toy can easily be used an homeschooling environment or even as a Sunday school tool to illustrate the story to little ones.
The Noah’s Ark is available at the One 2 Believe website for 29.99$ US. While being there, check also their other products. You will be amazed by what they are offering…

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