Sunday, March 22, 2009

November Module for the Homeschool Planner

When I first got the Homeschool Planner I didn't realize that every month there would be a module on a specific theme released...

This month of November the module is called "Amusing Mathematics". For me thinking of Math and Amusement together it hard.... I recall that the only time I enjoyed math would have been in University I think - well okay maybe I am exaggerating a little bit…

Anyhow, this module gives an amusing look at mathematics. Not every kid loves math… I know I didn’t when I was in high school. This module will help the homeschool parents to teach their kids that math is fun. Playing with numbers can be very interesting.

In the module, you will find riddles like The Gray Elephant in Denmark or another one using your phone number. When I saw those I remembered them from my high school years… Interesting that these kind of riddles stick there even after so many years. There is also tangrams and Sudoku, exercises for multiplication, money, time, vocabulary math-up, pages for the children to do addition or multiplication (I wonder where are the subtraction and division pages), learning shapes, a word search, coloring pages for the little ones, and some copy work pages with mathematics themes.

All through the pages you will also find some interesting links of website who have more tangrams, Sudoku and so on…

So if you are looking for fun mathematics activities to do with your kids, I strongly suggest that you get the November module of the Homeschool Planner. Click here to purchase it!

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