Sunday, March 22, 2009

Review on the January module of The Homeschool Planner.

The January module of the Homeschool Planner is packed with activities related to the USA. In Cruisin’ the Country, you will find some of the landmarks related to a specific state. As usual the module has a copybook so that your child can practice writing. The copybook section contains facts about landmarks found in the States. The January module also has a capital matching game, a word search, a crossword, a state information search, a multiple choice test, a landmark matching game as well as a symbols chart. To top it off, a blank map of the USA is included so that anyone can test their knowledge on the States. Finally, you will also find some coloring pages of important landmarks in the US.

This module is very exciting for us because we will be able to carry it with us when we go on a trip across the border – you see we live in Canada about 40 minutes from the border and we are planning to visit the US often with our trailer in the future. As a matter of fact, we are planning a trip for 2009 (just have to decide where exactly we are going *grin* ) which means this little module will find its way in our luggages so we can keep the kids busy (coloring for the young ones and games for the oldest). Once again, the authors have pull out a wonderful module on the USA.

My only negative point for this module is that I would have liked to have more information in the Cruisin’ the Country section… It would have been great to have ALL the States covered in this module but it isn’t the case. Personally, I love learning more about our country’s neighbor and this module gave me a bit more information about the US.

Finally, one thing I would like to see in future modules would be cursive copybook so that older kids can practice their writing while having fun at the same time. I guess this is something close to my heart since I have a child who is learning cursive writing at the moment.
In a nutshell, the January module is a must to learn more about the different States in the US. You can get it via the OldSchoolhouse Store for 7.95$ US.

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