Sunday, March 22, 2009

E-book review: And Then Mama Said… It Takes Time to Learn to Read

I have been given the opportunity to review a brand new e-book written by Gena Suarez on the subject of delayed reading in children. The book is titled And Then Mama Said… It Takes Time to Learn to Read. This book is very colorful and is easy to read with your child. It is written in such a way that any child would be encouraged to persevere and be patient. Any child can learn to read. Yes it can be frustrating when friends and even family members enjoy reading so much and the child is not able to. But the important thing is to not stop trying and to continue to pursue.
I personally don’t have a child who is experiencing difficulties with reading. I do have a 4 year old who is really want to read and we are working on it. I keep reminding him that before being able to read books like his big brother, he needs to understand the letters and the sounds they made when we put them together. Still, I have read this book to him to help him understand than reading doesn’t come overnight but it takes time and work.
What I also like about this book is that at the end there is a vocabulary list of some of the words found in the book with their definition. If a child asks about a specific word, you can easily go to this section and find the definition to explain the meaning of the word. Also, there is a search-a-word game for children who would love to do it. However, I would have put the answer key somewhere else in the book (like for example at the beginning of the book) instead of putting it in the same page as the search-a-word.

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