Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mom, what's a homophone?

Written by Marie Rippel, who is behind the program All about Spelling, the book All About Homophones is a simple tool kit to help you teach your kids about – you’ve guessed it – homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but written differently and having different meaning. The lessons are quite simple to follow and you will find interesting activities for your kids which complete the lessons. Learning while having fun!
Included in this resource are worksheets, games, activity cards and a impressive list of homophones. It is specifically designed for grades 1 to 8. All the activities are separated by grade and you will find fun games about homophones in them. My son is only in grade 2 and he had lots of fun to do the exercises and activities for his age. Since then, not only does he spot homophones while doing his homework in English but he also spots them in French! And he does it with a huge smile on his face. So nice to see that a lesson did went through his brain and that he applies it elsewhere.
On the website you can also sign up for a free report called “The 5 Secrets for Teaching Homophones” as well as access the homophones machine. In the machine you can type any sentence of paragraph and click on convert button so the machine can convert it using homophones. Lot’s of laugh guaranteed with this little tool!
So you must be wondering how much for this fun book? I think it is pretty reasonable. The softcover book is 32.95$ US and the e-book is 27.95$ US . I personally vote for the e-book because once you have it, you can print the pages you need for your child and use it multiple times. To top it off, the author is so convince that you will like it that she offers a 30-day, no-question-asked, money-back guarantee.
So go ahead - try it out! Your kids will have fun learning about homophones.

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