Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first impression about the Time4Learning website…

When I first learned about the opportunity of reviewing the site of Time4Learning, I was wondering what this site was all about. So I went on their website and read about what it was.
Time4Learning is using the technology that we have in hand these days to create an online home education program with educational games. Not knowing what to expect, I was a bit skeptical about it… I mean how can an interactive websites be so much fun? But I had already know about the Webkinz site and I wondered if Time4Learning would be as good.

I am impressed… It is well done and fun to use. My 2nd grader has a blast with it while the younger ones are taking a nap. There is a lot in there to keep him busy – language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. He can advance at his own pace and go back on some notions that he doesn’t quite get the first time.

We already were using technology in our homeschool and this easy for us to include in our schedule. Time4Learning have many programs going from preschool up to middle school. It can be used with homeschooling families, after school as an alternative to tutoring, learning centers or supplementary workbooks and is also popular to sharpen the skills during the summer time.
Children like to learn while using technology – well I know mine do! Time4Learning have lessons, exercises and assessments. They are trying to continuously update their site with more interesting features. They are in partnership with CompassLearning which provides the Compass Learning Odyssey. In the week to come I will give you more details about this interesting website and how it was used in our family!

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