Sunday, March 22, 2009

Have you heard of the company Heads Up! ?

Do you have a child who has special needs like ADD, ADHA, autism, fine and gross motor and sensory issues? If so, you might want to check out a vendor who helps families with these special needs. Heads Up! is specialized in providing materials and information for families and workers with children who have developmental issues, learning disabilities, or other special needs. They also have some products to help reduce the distractions or for kids having visual issues like in reading.

As part of my participation with the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a bunch of frames from Heads Up! And at first I was wondering what I should do with them. I decided to check what the frames are meant for and suddenly understood the potential for these. Some of the frames I received have colored stripes and I was seriously wondering how someone can read with these… Well I since learned that there is a disorder called Irlen that makes it difficult for people to read black and white printed words. Isn’t it interesting? If a family can’t afford to buy colored glasses to a child who has this disorder, the frames are an interesting option…

The Top of the Line and the Double Time frames will help a reader to stay in track with the text that is read. The colors will help to the student to stay focus and remove the distraction.
The bigger size frames can help a child to concentrate on a specific section of a book or page. If your child is overwhelmed when seeing a whole page of text in front of him/her, use these so you can separate the text in sizeable chunks.

Finally, the Reader has a strip of color between two stripes of grey. It helps the student to stay in track while reading. My son was having trouble to keep track while reading some text in his bible so I thought this could help him to stay focus on his lines. It helped! Since he is using one, he didn’t skip on his reading and is following his lines without problem. I think these are just wonderful. One even found its way inside my bible! *grin*

These little tools are affordable for everyone. See for yourself!
Top of the Line 1$ each available in yellow or blue
Double Time 1$ each available in yellow or blue
Frame 4 x 4.5 1$ each available in various colors
Frame 4 x 9 1$ each available in various colors
Reader 1$ each available in various colors

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