Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Third Impression of Time4Learning....

Time4Learning is not a uniquely christian program. They are aligned with national standards in the States which means that the science section is mostly based on a secular point of view and you won't find any creation references. However, even though there is this "problematic" as some christian homeschoolers would see it, I think it is wise to explain to our children why there is a difference of view on this specific subject.

Time4Learning knows about this and they are flexible to adapt your account to reflex your choices. I have been told that it is possible to remove the science part of the program if you wish to pass on this since there is so much information with evolution reference. However, it looks like that homeschoolers have discussed the pros and cons and methods of using Time4Learning from a Christian perspective in the parent forum.

The folks at Time4Learning are always working toward process improvement and are listening to the parents when they have suggestions or ideas. I think it is important for a company who offers such a service to be flexible and open to new opportunities. Time4Learning is one of such companies from what I can understand.

I think their Languages Art and Mathematics section are great for review and supplement materials during the school year and even during summer time if needed. However, I suggest that the parent sit down with the child while going through the science portion of the program so that you can know exactly what your child is taught during his/her time on Time4Learning.
Next time, I will provide more information on their prices.

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