Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trigger Memory Systems

Do you have kids who are experiencing problems with multiplication tables or with cleaning their areas when they are done playing? If so, Trigger Memory Systems can come to your help... Trigger Memory Systems has products to help you teach multiplication tables as well as encouraging your kids to clean up. The company was born via three homeschool moms who lives in three different states and have 13 children in total between them! The internet helped them to put their talents together and came up with marvelous little tools for your homeschool kids.

The first product I had to review from Trigger Memory Systems is called Times Tales. Time Tales uses a memory tool called mnemonics to transform the most difficult multiplication facts into a story that is easy to remember. This wonderful tool can be used with children as young as 6 years old! I was sceptic when I received it because my oldest, who is 7, is not into multiplication facts as we speak. Nevertheless, I decided to sit down with him one afternoon and go through some of the stories to see how well it will stick with him. I also revised with him in the days that followed this reading. I most say that I am quite impressed with it. He remembers the few stories we read and talked about and can easily tell you the results of 6x4, 7x3, 8x4 9x3, 7x4 and 6x3. The deluxe edition of Time Tales contains also the division flashcards. Times Tales is divided in 2 parts. Part 1 covers the upper 3 and 4 multiplication tables while part 2 concentrates on the upper 6, 7, 8, and 9 multiplication tables. Each part will take about 45 minutes of your time with a period of one week in between the two parts. Why the waiting period? Simply to let your child secure in his/hers memory the facts that have been learned. Believe me it works! Time Tales is available for 29.95$ US.

The second product I had to review from Trigger Memory Systems is in fact a group of little flip-charts called Clean N' Flip. There is one for Zone Cleaning, one for Bedroom Cleaning and also one for Laundry! Each contains a step-by-step process to encourage your kids to help cleaning the house. Mind you, our kids are pretty good at picking up when they are done playing with something but I did picked up a few ideas for myself in these little booklets. However, the one that interested me more was Laundry for Kids. I must admit that my oldest always wanted to learn to do the laundry and I never really thought he was ready to learn that (or maybe I wasn't ready for that yet!). But with this in hand I decided to give it a try... Since I had surgery on a foot in late November, it was the best tool for him to read an follow the step-by-step instructions... Yes, my 2nd grader did the laundry and it helped a lot. It was fantastic and I am going to ask for his help everytime I need it. He now knows how to separate the colors and fill the washer and start it. The best thing is that he will be able to help his future wife with this household task! I sure hope that my future daughter-in-law will appreciate it... *Grin* Seriously - I really enjoyed using the Clean N' Flip. They are easy to follow and can be used by kids of any ages. Wanna guess where our copy of the Laundry for kids is located? Yes indeed - in the laundry room for easy access if revision is needed! Clean N' Flip charts are availble for 29.95$ US for the set of three or you can buy them individually if you prefer.

These products are non-consumable which means that you can reuse them for any number of kids you have! Also. Canadian customers can save on international shipping by ordering directly from Cornerstone Learning 1-800-337-4181. Unfortunately, they only have the Times Tales available at the moment. But I am sure that if you ask them they would be more than willing to introduce the Clean N' Flip as well in their products.

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