Sunday, March 29, 2009

SpellQuizzer - a resource for spelling bees!

SpellQuizzer is a tool available on the internet which will help your child to get prepare to spelling bees or simple spelling challenges you want to give him or her.

The software is easy to use and very versatile. It is very user-friendly and even a child could populate the spelling lists. I strongly recommend that you get yourself a little microphone when you create the spelling lists. It will ease the process and will permit the child to hear your pronunciation at the same time during the testing. You can easily find one at a dollar store near you. No need to spend a fortune on a microphone!

When you double-click on the icon of SpellQuizzer, you will get a window with a bunch of buttons on it. Honestly, at first I was wondering how effective the product would be as it didn’t have fancy screens. But the design is not what makes a program work right? So I decided to use some of the existing lists to test my oldest son. I must say that SpellQuizzer is interesting as it gives you the opportunity to redo the words you have missed during a specific test. It also shows you the errors you have made while you are doing the test. When you are able to go through a list without any errors, you are cheered on. Quite interesting…

My next step was to create some spelling lists. I decided to try to create a list in a different language than English. I tried Latin and French. I am very impressed with the flexibility of the program which allows you to create new spelling lists in a different language. I see this as an added value to the program when you are learning a different language. The process is a bit long and I prefer not having too much noise when I am creating a new spelling list. But when you are done, it will be worth it. You can test your child on various subjects going from vocabulary to verb tenses if you like.

However, I would like to see a report indicating the results of my child when he is done with a specific spelling test. That could show me the areas where he/she have trouble. Honestly, I wouldn’t stay behind my child when he/she is doing the test. So this could be an interesting feature to add in the future.

I can see potentials with the SpellQuizzer and I am looking forward to use it on a regular basis in the future. As we will incorporate Spanish in our school next year, I will use SpellQuizzer to test my child on this language as well. For now, I will juggle English and French. Latin will also be added to the spelling lists as we advance our lessons on this interesting language.

SpellQuizzer is available for 29.95$ US. You might think it is a bit expensive to test spelling with your child but with the possibility to build your own spelling quizzes I think it is worth it.
Try it for free at !

You can see video demos on their website. Check it out at .

Some spelling lists are also available on the site. You can obtain them at .

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