Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Little Man In The Map - US Geography with visual clues...

Do you have a spouse who is American or are you yourself an American married to a Canadian? Do you have family living in the USA? Are you simply very interested in Geography and want your kids to learn the 50 states of the USA, our immediate neighbor? Then you will want to check out the book The Little Man In The Map which will help your kids to learn the 50 states by finding clues on the map of the USA.

The author of this little gem loves to travel and constantly look for new things/places to see. He came up with the idea of The Little Man In The Map because of his granddaughter who was fascinated by his travels. This book is presenting the geography of the USA with a new perspective for the students, parents and teachers.

The Little Man In The Map is very colorful, bright and attractive for children. Kids will use their imagination while reading it and they will see what is hidden in the shape of a state. I always find that images help to remember things for children. The map of the United States is divided in 5 sections - Midwestern states, South Central states, Western states, Southeastern states and Northeastern states. After reading each section, the reader will then proceed to a review of the section just covered and can try to name the states that he/she has learned. I think it was wise to include revision sections in this book and that the author has taught of dividing the book in 5 sections so that learning is made in a steady pace. The main character that guides the reader through the book is called MIM. MIM, or the little man in the map, is made up by five states located smack in the middle of the Midwestern States – Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.

This book helps to learn basic US geography while having fun at the same time! Each state has a special shape and the child, while reading the book, will learn the shape and the rhymes that go with it. The student can advance in the book at his/hers own pace. Anytime, the child can pick up the book and read it. The rhymes are engaging and easy to read.

At the end of the book there is a blank map so the student can practice naming the 50 states. You can also download a crossword puzzle and a coloring page from the website. A teacher’s guide will be sent to you with the book if you purchase it because it is not available as a download for now. This is something the author is planning to offer in a near future on the website.
This interesting book is made by Schoolside Press and is available for the price of 19.95$ US. You can also purchase a wall map for 21.95$ US or choose to buy both for 35$ US. Also, the author is working on a new book about clues for learning the State Capitals! This new book will be a great add-on for The Little Man In The Map.

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