Sunday, March 22, 2009

December Module of the Schoolhouse Planner

Interested in learning more about science and still have fun with it? Then the December module of The Schoolhouse Planner is for you! Let's face it, anyone can be a scientist but some of us just need a little help....

The module Let's be Scientists! contains tons of interesting facts about meteorology, astronomy, chemistry, body, grossology, and senses as well well as recipes for moms... Hey - why not asking the kids to help you while doing supper because ingredients reacts together as a chemical reaction sometimes! You will kill two birds with one stone while doing this - supper will be ready and science lesson.

Inside the module, you will also find a wordsearch, a couple of quizzes, coloring pages for the kids, and some copywork projects. Once again the authors have included numerous links to dig deeper on the subjects included in the module.

Personally, I can't wait to go in the kitchen with my kids and make slime, invisible ink, oobligook and glowing Jell-O..... All these are very interesting but the one that attracts me more is the slime recipe - I remember having some green one and purple one when I was a kid. Aaaaah! The memories of playing with this... it was soooooo cool to feel it slip between my fingers. Yes I will definetively do this recipe first just to see the reactions of my children.

You can find the December module Let's be Scientists! at the Schoolhouse Store.
The only thing I am wondering is why Physic has been left out of the module??? After all, it is part of science too isn't it? I guess that the authors had to pick and choose between a multitude of science branches and they couldn't include all of them...

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