Sunday, March 22, 2009

Struggling with math? Check out Math Tutor DVDs!

When I first received the Math Tutor DVDs, my first impression was thinking it would be cheesy… Well I was totally wrong. Yes it looks like a homemade video of some guy explaining mathematics but honestly it is well done. If you have a child who is having problems with a specific notion in mathematics, the Math Tutor DVD is there to help!

The DVDs are what I call “learn by example” lesson which means that the instructor explains the problem in terms that are easy to understand. All the topics are taught with examples and an easy step-by-step approach. We received two different DVDs to review. The first one is Basic Math Problem. The second one is Algebra 2. I must honestly say that I focused more my attention to Basic Math Problem since my kids are so young. But I like what I saw. I even spend some time on the Algebra 2 DVD to see if the instructor is still making it simple to understand. And he does…

The instructor is Jason Gibson and he takes the time to explain the viewer how to resolve a problem. He assumes that the viewer doesn’t know anything about it and take him/her in a step-by-step process to resolve the problem. He even explains the mathematical terms in simple language for children to understand. You can see that Jason has a passion to decorticate complex topics into simple ones. He always starts with easy problems and slowly directs the student toward harder ones.

I asked my 2nd grader to sit down and watch two specific sections on the Basic Math Word Problem DVD with me. So one afternoon, during the nap of the younger ones, we watched Adding Whole Number and Subtracting Whole Number. My son quite enjoyed it and wanted to watch the rest but since he hasn’t learned the other notions yet, I told him we will have to wait a bit. He loved it because he taught it was easy and he was able to answer the problems before Jason was finished explaining the resolution of it. I thought it was funny to have my 7 year old saying the answers out loud even though the problem wasn’t solved yet. That’s my boy! He just loves mathematics… which is great because personally I had trouble with it when I was in high school.
That’s why I wanted to look at the Algebra 2. Teaching high school mathematics is something scary for me. I’m not there yet but I am always looking for any kind of help possible. I just remember how much difficulty I had to understand math during my teenage years. Well, after watching some of the Algebra 2, I wish that I had this in my hands while I was doing high school. Honestly, I don’t think anyone could make it easier to understand than Jason.

Most DVDs on the website are 26.99$ US. I think it is pretty reasonable when you have a child who is struggling with some specific notions of mathematics. If you want them to succeed, it’s important to invest in various ways so they can get it. You can also order some CDs containing worksheets to help resolve the problem seen in the DVDs for certain subjects. I recommend Math Tutor DVD not only for kids but for the parents too as it can give you some tips and tricks on how to explain in a simpler way.

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