Thursday, April 7, 2011

A to Z of Gratitude–Letter U


U – Understanding.

I find that reading my Bible helps me to understand God more every day.

Sermons also can help you get some insights.   If you can’t go to church for whatever reasons, you can also listened to podcasts from well-known teachers like Dr. Dobson, the Stanleys, Insight for Living, Focus on the Family and so on.

I wouldn’t suggest that someone start attending church on television as I also find it important to be in community with other believers.    That will also help you understanding of God when you learn to love you neighbours…

To start understanding God it takes work – reading, meditating, praying….   

It takes 30 days to get an habit in your life.   So don’t get discourage.  Read your Bible.   And open your mind to what God wants to teach you.

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