Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stella and Sam–In the Snow We Go


Last month, I participate to a contest online to win a Stella and Sam book, crayons and stickers.   I was one of the five winners.   In my email to participate to the contest, I asked if I could review the new Stella and Sam – In the Snow We Go story for the iPad.   They agreed and send me a promo code for me to be able to download it.

Some of you might wonder “what is Stella and Sam?” (like I was before I discovered them…)   Stella and Sam is an animated TV show about the joy and wonder of childhood. It’s based on the best-selling book series by Canadian author Marie-Louise Gay.

“Stella and Sam is about engaging children to discover and explore the world around them, sparking children’s imaginations and encouraging their creativity.”— Marie-Louise Gay, author and creator.

I was expecting a story where the pages will turn and in which my child would interact with the story.   Not so.    I was amazed and surprised to see a video story being unfolded under our eyes.

My daughter Jasmine (who is 3 years old) watched in awe and wonder.  She listened carefully to the story and participated to the activities included in the video.  image

I don’t think I have seen another app like this before.   It is very colourful, interactive and versatile, and will catch the attention of your young kids immediately.  There are three games included in the story and each time your child will listen to it the games will be different…   I know because my daughter probably watch and played with Stella and Sam about four times if not more the first time she used that app.   For example, for the activity of drawing in the snow, the images to completed was different each time Jasmine was playing with it.    I wasn’t expecting this…  I thought that more than likely the image would be the same.   Boy was I surprised.   

The story last a good 10 minutes or so and you will enjoy it as much as your little one.     I am pleased to have discovered a wonderful series of books for my daughter.   A few days later, she has received the book I had won in the first place and immediately asked me to read it to her.    She adores Stella and Sam.

If you have little ones and want to entertain them while waiting to the doctor, I strongly recommend Stella and Sam adventures as I find the quality and the content is well worth the price attached to this app.  

Coming Soon on an iPad near you…. more fun apps with Stella and Sam.

  • Rainy Days and Rainbows Stella shows Sam how much fun it is to go outside on a rainy day. Activities: Paw Prints, Autumn Treasures and Pinecone Race.

  • Backyard at Twilight Stella and Sam look at the nighttime sky to try and see the Night Giant. Activities: Bug Hunt, Firefly Pictures and Connect the Stars.

  • Go-There-Square Stella uses a Go-There-Square to help Sam discover magical places outside. Activities: Bubble Pop! Daisy Bridge and Dandelion Fluffs.

Stella and Sam – Into the Snow We Go is available for purchase on iTunes for the price of 3.99$.   


Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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