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Easy Grammar Daily Guided Teaching and Review for Grade 2

DGTR2Easy Grammar Daily Guided Teaching and Review for Grade 2
Published at Easy Grammar Systems

About the book

This book is a teaching text with the Daily Grams format.  It contains an introduction to the understanding of  language usage and skills,  180 short and enjoyable lessons--one per school day, concepts introduced and reviewed throughout, capitalization taught or reviewed every day,  and punctuation taught or reviewed daily.  It also includes usage, dictionary skills, sentence combining, etc.  The book has reproducible pages within the text  and the answers are in the back.

My Thoughts

I have a struggling learner who is very intelligent.    We suspect that my son might have the same learning disability than my husband.    He will be in grade two next year.   This year, I am going through some basic grammar lessons with him by reading to him in another curriculum.   But I also know that I want him to go through the same curriculum than his brother so I was curious to look into the Daily Guided Teaching and Review for Grade 2.    I was pleased to have a positive answer to my request to review it.

I didn’t know what to expect.   My oldest son has started using the Easy Grammar when he was in grade 3 and he is learning well with them.    I knew that if there would be too much work in the pages, there were some chances that Dominic would be discouraged and give up.    So when I received my copy to review, I was pleasantly surprised at the pages.    See the example below which was taken from their website.


Every pages in this book contains about four  to five exercises that the child will have to do.   With Alexandre I can do more than one page per day.   It will be a different story with Dominic, I know it.   And having one page per day of school will permit me to pace ourselves in his learning and discover a better schedule for him.     But I am encouraged to see how well the pages are designed.   Bright and lots of spaces in them will allow him to not see a huge mountain in front of him when we will do his grammar.   In each pages, there is a small lesson which I will do with him and explain it more if it is needed. 

The Daily Guided Teaching and Review for Grade 2 covers the following concepts:

CAPITALIZATION: abbreviation, business, closing of a letter, club/organization/team, day of the week, events, geographic places, greeting of a friendly letter, holiday/special day, language, month, names of people, outline, poetry, pronoun, proper adjectives, quotation, school/college, sentence, street/lane/avenue, structures, title of books and other works, title with a name and what not to capitalize.

PUNCTUATION: apostrophe, colon, comma, exclamation point, hyphen, period, question mark, quotation marks, underlining, where not to place a comma or a period.

GRAMMAR AND OTHER CONCEPTS: adjectives, adverbs, compound words, conjunctions, dictionary skills, difficult words, friendly letters, interjections, nouns, prefixes/roots/suffixes, prepositions, pronouns, rhyming words, sentence combining, sentence types, subject/verb agreement, subject identification, verb identification, synonyms/antonyms/homonyms, verbs and more.

I am estimating that it would take us maybe 15 minutes to go through one page.    Just enough to start building his knowledge on grammar and be more prepare when grade 3 arrives.    I want to give all the tools for him to succeed and discover that he can do it.   Having the Daily Guided Teaching and Review for Grade 2 will be such a tool.    I know that going through this book will give him confidence to move on when he arrives in grade 3.    And without him realizing it, he will start with basic information on grammar and do more complicated things by the end of the year.   I am more confident in starting the 2nd grade with him knowing that I have a book that will guide us through the discovery of grammar.

Easy Grammar: Daily Guided Teaching and Review for Grade 2 Teacher Edition is available directly from the website for the price of 24.95.   A student workbook is also available for 12.95$.   

Disclaimer: Thanks to Easy Grammar Systems for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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